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Global Vox Populi Unveils Groundbreaking Study on The Impact of Influencers in India’s 2024 General Election

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Global Vox Populi Unveils Groundbreaking Study on The Impact of Influencers in India’s 2024 General Election

May 15
12:10 2024
Global Vox Populi Unveils Groundbreaking Study on The Impact of Influencers in India's 2024 General Election
Global Vox Populi, led by CEO and President Md Sadique Akhter, released a study on influencers’ impact in India’s 2024 General Election. Aaj Tak and ABP Ananda were top-performing channels. Factors like digital influence and urban-rural disparities influenced viewership. Recommendations include focusing on quality journalism and leveraging digital platforms.

Mumbai, India – May 15, 2024 – Global Vox Populi, a renowned research firm with a reputation for providing comprehensive market intelligence and insightful public opinion analysis, is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated report on the influential role of digital influencers in shaping public opinion and electoral outcomes during the India General Election of 2024. Spearheaded by esteemed CEO and President Md Sadique Akhter, the study represents a groundbreaking exploration of the evolving media landscape, the ascendancy of digital platforms, and the transformative influence of influencers on voter behavior and electoral dynamics.

Context and Background 

The emergence of digital influencers as key opinion leaders and agenda setters has reshaped the dynamics of political communication and voter mobilization in contemporary democracies. With their ability to cultivate engaged online communities, craft compelling narratives, and drive viral content, influencers wield significant influence in shaping public discourse, mobilizing grassroots support, and shaping electoral outcomes. Against this backdrop, the India General Election of 2024 served as a crucible for examining the evolving role of influencers in political campaigns, the ethical implications of influencer marketing, and the regulatory challenges associated with digital media.

Key Findings and Insights 

Global Vox Populi’s research offers a wealth of insights into the impact of influencers on India’s electoral landscape, encompassing diverse dimensions such as audience engagement metrics, influencer-partnered campaigns, regulatory frameworks, and the role of digital literacy in safeguarding democratic values. Here are some of the key findings:

1. Digital Influence Dominance: The study underscores the ascendancy of digital platforms and social media in shaping public opinion and electoral outcomes during the 2024 general elections. Influencers emerged as pivotal actors in driving online conversations, amplifying political messages, and mobilizing support across diverse demographic segments.

2. Influencer Impact Metrics: Insights from the research highlight the critical role of influencers in driving engagement and advocacy among their followers, with metrics such as reach, engagement rate, and sentiment analysis serving as key indicators of influencer effectiveness. Influencers who adopted a multi-platform approach, embraced interactive content formats, and fostered authentic connections with their audience demonstrated higher levels of influence and resonance.

3. Partnerships and Collaborations: The study sheds light on the strategic partnerships and collaborations forged between political actors, parties, and digital influencers to leverage their respective strengths and networks for electoral gain. Influencers played a central role in extending the reach and resonance of political messages, fostering dialogue, and mobilizing grassroots support through targeted advocacy campaigns and issue-based initiatives.

4. Regulatory Implications: Global Vox Populi’s research delves into the regulatory challenges and ethical considerations associated with influencer marketing and political communication in the digital age. As influencers assume greater prominence in shaping public opinion and electoral outcomes, policymakers and regulatory bodies face the imperative to strike a balance between freedom of expression, transparency, and accountability in online discourse.

Recommendations for Stakeholders 

Drawing on the research findings, Global Vox Populi offers a series of actionable recommendations to stakeholders across the media, political, and regulatory spheres to navigate the evolving landscape of digital influence and political communication:

1. Invest in Data-driven Insights: Stakeholders should leverage data-driven insights and analytics to understand audience behavior, sentiment trends, and influencer impact metrics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning in electoral campaigns and communication strategies.

2. Promote Transparency and Accountability: Platforms, influencers, and political actors should uphold principles of transparency, authenticity, and ethical conduct in online communication, disclosing affiliations, sponsored content, and potential biases to enhance trust and credibility among audiences and stakeholders.

3. Empower Media Literacy: Civil society organizations, educational institutions, and media watchdogs should prioritize media literacy initiatives, critical thinking skills, and digital citizenship education to empower citizens to navigate the complexities of online information, discern credible sources from misinformation, and engage responsibly in democratic discourse.

4. Strengthen Regulatory Frameworks: Policymakers and regulatory bodies should enact robust frameworks and guidelines to regulate influencer marketing, political advertising, and online content moderation, safeguarding democratic values, protecting consumer rights, and ensuring a level playing field in the digital ecosystem.


The India General Election of 2024 stands as a watershed moment in the convergence of media, technology, and democracy, with digital influencers assuming a central role in shaping public opinion and electoral outcomes. Global Vox Populi remains committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of these transformative trends, empowering stakeholders with actionable insights to navigate the complex terrain of digital influence and political communication in the 21st century.

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