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Author M. D. Morin Brings a Timely Resource for Kids’ Safety Education in “Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?”

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Author M. D. Morin Brings a Timely Resource for Kids’ Safety Education in “Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?”

February 12
15:12 2024
Morin’s story is driven by a genuine concern for kids’ safety, pointing out relatable scenarios to teach helpful lessons. The main goal is to open young minds to identifying and preventing potential accidents. Morin’s narrative allows the characters’ experiences to speak for themselves and resonate with readers of all ages.

Author M. D. Morin has unveiled a thought-provoking children’s safety book titled “Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?” now available in leading digital bookstores globally. This top-rated parenting book serves as an invaluable resource for moms and dads, educators, and guardians, emphasizing the vital lesson of understanding the consequences of actions concerning overall safety.

In today’s fast-paced world, accidents involving kids making hasty decisions leading to unintended harm have become a global concern. “Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?” delves into this issue by fostering safety awareness among parents and kids alike. The narrative focuses on instilling a heightened sense of caution in everyday decision-making.

Morin’s story revolves around three kids, James, Ari, and Aiden. The children engage in a seemingly innocent game of hide-and-seek on a fine summer day. As the story goes on, the kids find themselves in situations where they need to decide and act with caution. The brilliance of “Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?” lies in its ability to guide kids in real-time, transforming potentially harmful ideas into safe alternatives. The story underscores the importance of critical thinking and quick decision-making in avoiding harm.

“Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?” is not just a top-rated book under the Parenting & Relationships section. It serves as a critical tool for empowering the next generation with the knowledge needed to navigate a world filled with potential accidents. Morin’s work stands as a testament to the importance of children’s safety education, ensuring that kids worldwide grow into responsible and cautious individuals.

About the Author:

M. D. Morin, a parent and passionate children’s safety advocate, brings a distinct perspective to children’s education. His commitment to overall child development is evident throughout his book, “Good Idea, Bad Idea, Why?“. As a dedicated father, Morin wants to shape and guide children toward safety-conscious decision-making, enabling them to recognize risks and dangers in their life journey.

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