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Dr. Joseph Alexander: From Radiology to Riveting Fiction

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Dr. Joseph Alexander: From Radiology to Riveting Fiction

November 29
12:58 2023
Dr. Joseph Alexander: From Radiology to Riveting Fiction

Born and raised in Los Angeles on January 10, 1947, Joseph Alexander has crafted a stellar career and an everlasting legacy in radiology since 1976. He had a sub-specialization in breast diseases, and his article on “Predictive value of BI-RADS classification for breast imaging in women under age 50” still is a source of enlightenment for all others to follow. However, despite his several contributions and successes to his field, Joseph’s exceptional talent and passion for writing couldn’t remain hidden for long.

Since his teenage years, Joseph was mesmerized by how black words on white paper could paint colorful stories. He was an avid reader since a very young age and often wrote in his spare time. During high school, he became a member of the literary club, which was his first step in manifesting his knack for writing.

Joseph’s writing style has been shaped, transformed, and heavily influenced by several versatile and diverse authors like Jane Harper, Henning Mankell, and Lars Kepler. This blend of different flavors makes Joseph’s writing style unique, informative, and yet heavily engaging—seamlessly creating narratives that bounce between fiction and fact.

Joseph channeled his experiences during his radiology tenure and a lifetime of personal interactions triggering a creative spark. His latest work, Adversity and Courage, could be considered his magnum opus, with a highly engaging fictional narrative fused with his medical background. The book offers a layman reader a well-informed, interesting, and relatively easier-to-comprehend insight into understanding breast-cancer.

Joseph’s approach to writing this book wasn’t traditional. It might be fiction, but it involved rigorous research and fact-checking. The challenge was to keep it informative yet accessible to the general audience, ensuring a perfect execution of his storylines. Moreover, Joseph treated character development as a process and created authentic characters by drawing inspiration from his personal and professional life.

Adversity and Courage closely examines the lives of four diverse women diagnosed with breast-cancer. He dives in deep by not only explaining the intricacies of the disease itself but also what a woman feels as she goes through the entire ordeal.

Narrating their journeys, Joseph not only subtly educates the audience about the intricacies of breast-cancer and treatments in an informative style but sheds also light on several other themes like inclusivity, diversity, tolerance, and empathy.

Despite our differences, we, the human race, have more in common than many realize,” says Joseph.

Currently, he’s working on an upcoming fictional project that deals with addiction and the transformative journey toward recovery. Though the storylines are tentative for now, it’s expected that he will take a similar approach to his past projects and create fictional characters inspired by his personal experience going through a crisis.

Balancing writing with personal commitments, Joseph divides his day between research, writing, family, hobbies, and fitness. His dedication is evident in the depth and authenticity of his work.

As his pen marches, Joseph’s advice to emerging writers is clear: “Keep writing, be patient, learn from criticism, and always be ready to capture inspiration.”

The libraries are full of countless wordsmiths that shook the world with narratives and engaged generations by showing them what the world looks like in their heads. Among such powerful people with literary prowess, Joseph Alexander is another gem of a writer who has mastered weaving his medical expertise with compelling storytelling.

The world will never have enough writers who can create characters and stories that inspire, engage, and educate at the same time, and the massive literary fandom of Joseph’s work is well-deserved.

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