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Targeting Necrosis: A Pioneering Endeavor by Ilana Nathan and Team

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Targeting Necrosis: A Pioneering Endeavor by Ilana Nathan and Team

November 20
15:48 2023
Targeting Necrosis: A Pioneering Endeavor by Ilana Nathan and Team
In a groundbreaking research endeavor, Prof. Ilana Nathan and her team that includes among others Prof. Amnon Albeck the Rector of Bar-Ilan University and Prof. Eli Lewis from Ben Gurion University in Israel, have unveiled potential strategies to combat necrosis, a form of cell death that plays a pivotal role in a myriad of fatal diseases, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Part of the findings were published in a recent article titled “Targeting Necrosis: Elastase-like Protease Inhibitors Curtail Necrotic Cell Death Both In Vitro and in Three In Vivo Disease Models“.

The enigmatic nature of necrosis, despite its profound impact on human health, has historically impeded the progression of effective treatments. Yet, Nathan’s innovative research, employing a spectrum of techniques from biochemical methodologies to siRNA library screening, has shed light on the proteolytic activities fundamental to necrotic processes.

Ilana Nathan, renowned for her steadfast commitment to unraveling complex scientific mysteries, played a crucial role in this groundbreaking discovery. Her thorough methodology, relentless scientific passion, and commitment to improving public health shine through in this research.

The research team primarily aimed to identify inhibitors of the necrotic pathway, setting the foundation for the development of new inhibitory molecules. Their approach included strategies like repurposing existing drugs for different ailments and using siRNAs. These inhibitors demonstrated protective effects in both laboratory tests (in vitro) and animal models (in vivo) for conditions such as traumatic brain injury, acute myocardial infarction, and drug-induced liver damage.

Nathan’s discoveries signal a new dawn of hope for many medical conditions that previously resisted therapeutic solutions. The potential of these inhibitors for human health is immense, considering the numerous diseases and conditions linked to necrotic cell death including myocardial infarction, stroke, acute renal failure, osteomyelitis, chronic hepatitis, gangrene and many more. In Alzheimer’s for example it was shown by a Japanese group that neuronal necrosis occurs at an early stage before formation of beta amyloid plaques and that preventing this stage eliminates Alzheimer’s disease altogether. A shift towards disease prevention is expected to be change in healthcare and market. Thus, inhibiting necrosis could be revolutionary in this respect.

 The organ shortage is among the greatest crises facing biomedicine today. It is estimates that only 10% of the worldwide need for organ transplantation is being met. Improving the viability of organs prior to transplantation of the anti-necrotic molecules found by us could have impact on life of millions.

 While emphasizing the necessity for further research before clinical application, Nathan remains hopeful. “The protective efficacy of these inhibitors in in vivo models heralds a promising future for novel therapeutic advancements,” she remarked. She believes this research could revolutionize the treatment landscape for countless previously intractable diseases.

In essence, Ilana Nathan’s research is a monumental stride in the fight against diseases linked to necrotic cell death. While challenges remain, her work charts an optimistic trajectory towards innovative therapeutic interventions, offering hope to millions globally leading as well to increasing longevity and improving quality of life.

About Ilana Nathan:

Prof. Ilana Nathan stands as a luminary in clinical biochemistry and hematology. She has held esteemed positions at the Institute of Hematology at Soroka University Medical Center and Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology at Ben-Gurion University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. Her tenure included representing Israel in the European organization for Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research-COST in the Biomedicine and Molecular Sciences domain.

Raised in Israel, Nathan’s fervor for biomedical science catalyzed a career centered on elucidating the molecular intricacies of various health conditions. Her relentless drive has enriched our comprehension of numerous pathologies, especially within hematology, oncology, and cell death mechanisms.

Her latest research breakthrough revolves around devising strategies to counteract necrosis, a challenging cell death form impacting countless individuals worldwide. This endeavor underscores her unwavering commitment to demystifying complex biological processes to augment medical care.

Prof. Nathan’s illustrious career epitomizes academic prowess, profound humanity, and an enduring thirst for knowledge. Esteemed for her research dedication and her tireless efforts to elevate public health, she remains an inspiration to emerging scientists and a beacon in the biomedical realm.

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