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Blockchain VS A.I. Debate Summit – Kevin Pellegrini CEO West Pine 43 LLC Shares Key Takeaways

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Blockchain VS A.I. Debate Summit – Kevin Pellegrini CEO West Pine 43 LLC Shares Key Takeaways

November 20
13:36 2023


Kevin Pellegrini is CEO West Pine 43 LLC- asset management and financial planning firm.  They are a registered investment firm.  “The way we see it, we are currently in the fourth wave of compute, which will be more distributed.  This is needed for low latency and bandwidth requirements while increasing compute for new applications like Bitcoin, AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, cloud gaming, and metaverse”.  The three prior era’s include the steam boat era, then electricity and then cloud computing.  “Blockchain and A.I. have a chance to be a once in a century innovation and think eventually they can complement each other as companies use both.  Nvidia is one that’s already powering both”.  Pellegrini adds.

Peter Thiel previously said “crypto is libertarian and AI is communist.”  At Reid Hoffman of Linked in Conference in 2018. That was five years ago and the more time goes by the more these two technologies co-exist in the digital age.  They still will compete on somethings like the metaverse which is built on top of both.  A.I. is a large database with lots of volume that is way ahead right now in the race.  A.I. is blurring the lines between human and computer generated content.  The blockchain is immutable.  Bitcoin automates verification of the origin and authenticity of data and the metaverse lies on top of both.  In time we will see more applications being rebuilt so they have the ability to use both technologies.  Integrations of A.I., blockchain, web 3.0 and open source LLM will drive a new cycle for applications and metaverse that’s being built on top.  Businesses should continue to benefit from this new wave of advancements.  Still there are hurdles and we are still early.  Adoption won’t happen overnight.  There are hurdles that exist.  It will occur over time product by product, asset class by asset class, and market by market.

About West Pine 43 LLC:

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