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illow: Pioneering Privacy Startup, Now Google Certified

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illow: Pioneering Privacy Startup, Now Google Certified

November 17
17:48 2023

The Innovative Startup illow, Emerges as the First and Only Latin American Data Privacy Platform Certified by Google

illow, the groundbreaking data privacy startup founded by Rodrigo Irarrazaval and Daniel Fernández, proudly announces its certification by Google, making it the first and only Latin American platform to achieve this recognition. 

illow specializes in assisting global companies and agencies in navigating and complying with data privacy regulations. As a Consent Management Platform (CMP), illow simplifies privacy compliance for companies with just a single line of code.

Rodrigo Irarrazaval, CEO of illow, explains, “We noticed the emergence of new global regulations, but companies lacked the knowledge and technologies for agile adaptation. illow addresses this challenge, especially in the United States, where each state is implementing its privacy regulations.”

illow operates globally, with offices in Miami, Madrid, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires, serving 5,000 clients in 68 countries. The startup is part of the Newtopia investment group and gained recognition through the Endeavor selection process in Miami.

Partnerships and Market Expansion

illow’s collaboration with the European Union on a data privacy project allowed them to create a secure platform for users to store and share data with consent. This experience positioned illow ahead in the markets of the United States and Canada.

The founders predict that the privacy trend will soon extend to all states in the US, inspired by European regulations and California regulation CCPA.

Google Certification and Global Privacy Standards

Google plays a crucial role in online cookie management, with many websites using its solutions such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. illow’s certification by Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) underscores its commitment to the highest standards.

From January 16, 2024, Google mandates that companies advertising in the European Union and the United Kingdom use certified cookie banners.

Meeting Google’s Certification Requirements

Becoming Google-certified involves a rigorous process, including certification by the IAB. illow has been working towards this for years, meeting the highest standards set by both entities. Their dedication resulted in illow being the first LatAm cookie consent platform certified by IAB and Google.

As global privacy regulations evolve, companies like illow play a crucial role in helping organizations comply with norms and safeguard user data, paving the way for a more secure online future.

Media Contact
Company Name: illow
Contact Person: Rodrigo Irarrazaval
Email: Send Email
Phone: +17865479585
Address:651 N Broad St., Suite 206
City: City of Middletown
State: Delaware
Country: United States
Website: https://illow.io