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Lancaster PA Digital Marketing Agency Boosts Businesses with Video Marketing as Adwords Alternative

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Lancaster PA Digital Marketing Agency Boosts Businesses with Video Marketing as Adwords Alternative

November 17
17:20 2023
Lancaster PA Digital Marketing Agency Boosts Businesses with Video Marketing as Adwords Alternative
Video Marketing & Digital Marketing Agency based in Lancaster PA helps companies achieve front page listings on Google without paying Google Adwords and Pay per Click.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/-W1ayx0i7TQ

Lancaster, PA – Local Search and Marketing Experts or LSAME (Ell-same), a leading Digital Marketing Agency based in Lancaster, PA, is shaking up the advertising landscape by harnessing the power of buyer intent keywords to secure prominent placements on Google’s front page. In doing so, they are creating lasting assets for businesses that deliver sustained results, setting a new standard beyond short-term Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or Google Adwords.

In recent years, LSAME  has conducted extensive research and analysis, revealing the remarkable potential of video marketing. The findings underscore why this approach has become the cornerstone of their innovative marketing strategy:

  1. Higher Engagement: Video marketing consistently outperforms other content forms, capturing the attention of a larger and more engaged audience. According to recent data, video content is 10 times more likely to be shared than text or static images on social media platforms.
  2. Conversion Power: Videos possess a unique ability to convert viewers into customers. Studies indicate that websites featuring videos have a conversion rate that is 80% higher than those without. This means that businesses incorporating video marketing are more likely to turn interested prospects into paying clients.
  3. Improved Shareability: The virality of video content is unmatched. In today’s digital landscape, videos are shared at a rate 1,200% more than links and text combined. This viral effect extends the reach of marketing efforts far beyond what traditional methods can achieve.

By strategically integrating buyer intent keywords with compelling video content and sharing that across websites and social media, LSAME ensures that its clients’ brands are prominently featured on Google’s front page. This approach not only drives traffic but also creates long-lasting assets that continue to deliver results well beyond the initial campaign. Adding these video assets to the customer’s website and all Social Media helps with ranking of the videos, the website and spreads the content to a much wider audience.

“Traditional PPC campaigns and Google Adwords are often associated with short-term gains. What sets us apart is our commitment to building lasting value for our clients,” says Eric Godfrey, President of LSAME. “Video marketing, with its proven ability to engage, convert, and resonate with audiences, has emerged as the most effective way to achieve this.”

LSAME’s innovative approach to digital marketing is changing the game for businesses in Lancaster, PA, and beyond. Their use of buyer intent keywords and video marketing as an alternative to Adwords is setting a new standard for long-term success in the digital advertising landscape.

For more information about LSAME and their groundbreaking video marketing strategies, please visit EliteInternetMarketingPros.com or contact Eric Godfrey at (717) 327-4742

About LSAME:

Local Search and Marketing Experts is a leading digital marketing agency based in Lancaster, PA, dedicated to helping businesses achieve lasting success in the digital world. With a focus on video marketing and buyer intent keywords, they provide innovative solutions that deliver exceptional results for their clients. LSAME provides Website Design, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and uses Video Marketing as a centerpiece in all of this.

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Company Name: Local Search & Marketing Experts (LSAME)
Contact Person: Eric Godfrey
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Phone: (717) 327-4742
Address:1705 Wilson Ave
City: Lancaster
State: PA
Country: United States
Website: EliteInternetMarketingPros.com