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New Haven Child Custody Lawyer Paul McConnell Releases Insightful Article on ‘Child Custody: Best Interests Of The Child’

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New Haven Child Custody Lawyer Paul McConnell Releases Insightful Article on ‘Child Custody: Best Interests Of The Child’

September 26
06:30 2023
New Haven Child Custody Lawyer Paul McConnell Releases Insightful Article on 'Child Custody: Best Interests Of The Child'

New Haven child custody lawyer Paul McConnell (https://www.mcconnellfamilylaw.com/custody-childs-best-interests/) has recently published an article titled ‘Child Custody: Best Interests Of The Child’. This comprehensive piece provides invaluable insights into the key factors that influence child custody decisions, emphasizing the overriding principle of prioritizing the child’s well-being.

As a New Haven child custody lawyer, McConnell is deeply committed to understanding and navigating the complexities of child custody cases. The recently published article throws light on the legal concept known as ‘the best interests of the child’ and its important role in shaping child custody arrangements.

The article, written by this esteemed New Haven child custody lawyer, is an informative guide on the various factors that constitute ‘the best interests of the child’. McConnell explains, “While the term seems fairly self-explanatory at first, it is important for readers to understand exactly what is considered, so individuals can know what to expect and better prepare their cases.”

Several key components that paint an overall picture of what is in the best interests of the child are outlined in the article. These include the ability to co-parent, meeting developmental needs, educational needs, and ensuring the health and safety of the child.

McConnell adds, “To the extent they are able, a judge will look at how willing and able each parent is to put their differences aside and co-parent together. If one parent has a history of trying to use the child against the other, they are less likely to be awarded custody.”

The article also underscores the importance of meeting the child’s developmental needs, catering to their educational requirements, and ensuring their health and safety. According to McConnell, “If one parent has a history of violence, or can’t provide a stable home environment, it is unlikely they will be awarded custody.”

All these insights are not just theoretical thoughts, but practical guidelines that can significantly influence the outcome of custody cases. The article serves as a roadmap for individuals navigating the complex landscape of child custody cases, providing much-needed clarity on the crucial factors that courts consider.

The article invites all interested parties to consider this comprehensive resource as a starting point in understanding the intricacies of child custody cases. To read the full article, visit the McConnell Family Law Group’s blog. 

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