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Suffolk County Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett Sheds Light on Sealing Criminal Convictions

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Suffolk County Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett Sheds Light on Sealing Criminal Convictions

September 26
06:10 2023
Suffolk County Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett Sheds Light on Sealing Criminal Convictions

Suffolk County criminal attorney Jason Bassett (https://jbassettlaw.com/sealing-criminal-convictions/) has recently published a comprehensive article discussing the critical topic of ‘Sealing Criminal Convictions’. This detailed piece provides an in-depth explanation of how individuals with a criminal record can navigate the complexities of the sealing process and restore their life’s trajectory.

In the first section of the article, the Suffolk County criminal attorney emphasizes the lasting adverse effects of a criminal record. A criminal history can inhibit opportunities, making it challenging to secure a decent job, obtain housing, or qualify for public benefits. Bassett asserts that such a record can seem like a life-long burden that one must carry.

Bassett, a well-known Suffolk County criminal attorney, highlights the role a New York criminal defense attorney can play in mitigating these circumstances. He explains how legal counsel can guide individuals through the intricate path towards restoring their lives. An attorney can provide valuable guidance on the possibilities of expunging or sealing criminal records, significantly reducing the negative impacts of past criminal history.

The article then dives into the specificities of the sealing process under New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59. Unlike some states, New York does not have laws to erase or “expunge” criminal convictions. However, it offers a law for “sealing” criminal convictions, which can be complex and full of pitfalls for those unfamiliar with its application.

Bassett shares, “Sealing can make past convictions inaccessible to the public, including employers and housing agencies. However, sealed records can still be accessed by federal, state, and local law enforcement and a limited number of state agencies.”

The article further outlines the eligibility criteria for sealing, and the types of convictions that cannot be sealed. It also details the agencies that can view sealed convictions and the differences between sealing and expunging a criminal record.

“To have the best possible chance of succeeding on a motion to seal criminal convictions, under N.Y. C.P.L. Section 160.59, it is recommended to enlist the services of a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer,” Bassett advises. He further outlines the step-by-step process of sealing convictions in New York, including preparing a request to seal criminal records, sending the complete application to the sentencing judge, and sending the application to the local District Attorney.

This article serves as an essential resource for those who navigate the path towards sealing their criminal records and reclaiming control over their future. Readers are encouraged to delve into the full article for a complete understanding of the process.

About Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett:

Jason Bassett is a prominent criminal defense attorney serving Suffolk County, New York. With extensive knowledge of the law and the legal system, Bassett has dedicated his practice to protecting individuals’ rights and helping them navigate the path towards a better future. His firm, The Law Offices of Jason Bassett, P.C., offers a unique combination of skill, experience, and passionate advocacy, providing the highest level of representation to all clients.


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