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Get Ready for a Thrilling Descent Into Spine-Tingling Intrigue in Author Robert J. Rosenbaum’s “The Bank Job: One Thing Leads to Another”

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Get Ready for a Thrilling Descent Into Spine-Tingling Intrigue in Author Robert J. Rosenbaum’s “The Bank Job: One Thing Leads to Another”

September 25
17:33 2023
In this heart-pounding page-turner, every clue leads to new shadows to unmask

“Benny’s hit. Call for an ambulance. Sheriff’s hit, too.” The category is mystery, thriller, and suspense, but buckle up because this hair-raising thriller by Author Robert J. Rosenbaum promises a spine-tingling plunge into a robbery investigation full of seemingly unending twists and turns. “The Bank Job: One Thing Leads to Another” takes readers on a gripping journey shrouded in mystery and suspense. 

A new case arrives in the form of bank robbers trying to escape the crime scene with the authorities hot on their tail. Former sheriff turned consultant to the State Bureau of Investigation C. W. Blakenship is called upon to investigate the seemingly straightforward case of bank robbers who disappear into the mountain snow after running a roadblock, killing the serving sheriff and severely wounding a deputy. At the start of the investigation in mid-January, the case seemed open and shut – a simple search for two crooks. However, what lies ahead is a relentless chase that stretches well into May. Blankenship must now unravel the tangle of people, motives, and snarl of drugs, murder, and embezzlement. Throw in a forest fire and a dynamite-laden confrontation that will keep readers on the edge of their seats on every page. With the growing trail of crimes and motives that run deeper than simple greed, Blakenship is left to keep things together while finding answers. 

Rosenbaum masterfully weaves together a captivating plot and complex characters in a perfectly paced book that readers won’t be able to put down. “Bob’s writing style blends realized fictitious characters with a twist of real-life history and threads of knowledge from his deep research of each subject, coupled with rich life experiences.”

“The Bank Job: One Thing Leads to Another” is a thought-provoking thriller full of suspense and unexpected twists that will leave readers spellbound. Experience the chilling masterpiece that is this book by purchasing it on Amazon.

About Author Robert J. Rosenbaum

Robert J. Rosenbaum is an author and teacher with a wide range of expertise from his rich life experiences. From working on a dairy farm as a younger man to serving as a Fire Chief and Forest Manager at Arrowhead in his retirement, Rosenbaum boasts an extensive career that has shaped his writing and helped set the stage for the raw and shadowy schemes that play out in the Western Slope Mysteries.

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