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Rising Costs of Warehouse Storage Space Present Unique Challenges for Businesses in NE Florida

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Rising Costs of Warehouse Storage Space Present Unique Challenges for Businesses in NE Florida

September 25
16:51 2023

Northeast Florida is experiencing a boom in industrial warehouse storage rentals and leases, presenting unique challenges that have captured the attention of businesses, industry leaders, and real estate experts. Recent data from Matthews underscores a staggering 13.7% year-over-year increase in industrial prices in Jacksonville. This escalating supply-demand dynamic is fueling a demand for groundbreaking storage solutions. The soaring warehouse storage costs present distinctive challenges capable of disrupting supply chains and intensifying the supply-demand dilemma.

Contributing to the surge is the entrance of e-commerce giants like 1A Auto, Amazon, and Carparts.com, who have all expanded their Jacksonville warehousing operations, joining a growing list of international companies such as Wayfair, Article, and Cra-Z-Art, and Article. This influx of interest reflects the compelling combination of available industrial warehouse space and strategic location that fuels business growth in Northeast Florida.

Over the past decade, Jacksonville has solidified its position as a pivotal distribution hub within the United States, attracting an array of manufacturing and commercial enterprises, including prominent names like Dollar General and Primark. There are 98 million American consumers within “same day truck” access, taxes are low, and the city has access to international shipping lanes. By the close of 2023, Jacksonville’s vacant warehouse space will dwindle to less than 8 million square feet, with lease initiations for over 20 warehouse spaces exceeding 100,000 square feet this year alone—an impressive 15% surge in large-scale storage. Experts anticipate this trend will persist and expand.

“Working in freight over the last eight years I’ve witnessed firsthand the surge in Jacksonville’s speculative warehousing category, where developers proactively meet market needs, especially now that we are seeing the impact of the widened shipping channel connecting us to global cargo. Jacksonville’s transformation is exciting to participate in and the demand for warehousing solutions will only continue to grow, pushing us to think outside the box to meet these unique challenges head-on.” — James Taddeo, Taddeo Logistics & Consulting


Another category in rapid expansion is Jacksonville’s speculative warehousing business. Rather than build-to-suit, speculative developers assemble a ready solution that can be plugged into the supply chain immediately. From automation to pallet racking, developers in the speculative arena gauge what the market needs and install it before sourcing a tenant. Jaxport reports that there are 6.2 million square feet across 24 speculative warehousing buildings currently in development. 

The final contributing factor is the recently widened shipping channel that connects Jacksonville to worldwide cargo. At a cost of $420 million, Northeast Florida now welcomes cargo ships with a 47 foot deep channel as of May 2022. This significant improvement allowed the port to start receiving ships from all over the world, including South America, Europe, and even Asia. Tourists near the port will see ships from as far as Singapore or Tokyo pass by during an average day of business. These massive ocean liners carry millions of distributable products into the region, furthering the demand for warehouse space and logistics support. 

Jacksonville’s meteoric rise as a prominent economic force has not gone unnoticed and now moves forward with inertia. Over the last decade, it has evolved into a dynamic epicenter for industrial expansion. This transformation has attracted a diverse range of industries, from e-commerce giants to advanced manufacturing enterprises. These businesses have flocked to Jacksonville, drawn by its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and access to a skilled workforce. As the city continues to flourish, it is evident that the demand for warehousing solutions will only intensify, underscoring the need for innovative storage strategies.

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