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LSZH Cable Is Really Environmentally Friendly Cable?

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LSZH Cable Is Really Environmentally Friendly Cable?

August 17
16:40 2023

Low smoke and halogen-free cable means that the insulation layer of the cable is made of halogen substances. It does not release halogen-containing gases during combustion and has low smoke concentration. Therefore, we have it in the place of fire fighting, monitoring, alarm and other key projects. Usually people refer to low smoke and halogen-free cable as environmentally friendly cable, so is low smoke and halogen-free cable really environmentally friendly cable? If not, what is the difference between low smoke zero halogen cable and environmentally friendly cable?

Low smoke zero halogen cable is really environmentally friendly cable?

The answer is no, low smoke zero halogen cable is not environmentally friendly cable. The reasons are:

(1) the so-called environmentally friendly cable, refers to the absence of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, does not contain brominated flame retardants by SGS recognized testing organizations on environmental performance testing, in line with the EU Environmental Directive (RoSH) and higher than its index requirements, does not produce harmful halogen gases, does not produce corrosive gases, less amount when burning, does not pollute the soil wire and cable. And low smoke halogen-free cable refers to the cable insulation layer material is halogen material, in the case of combustion does not release halogen gas, smoke concentration is low wire and cable.

(2) low-smoke halogen-free cable sheath is made of low smoke when heated, and itself does not contain halogen thermoplastic or thermosetting composition, where the halogen value ≤ 50PPM, hydrogen halide content in the combustion of the gas < 100PPM, after burning the hydrogen halide gas dissolved in water PH value of 24.3 (weak acidity), the product is burned in a closed container through a beam of light its light transmission rate of 260%. 

(3) environmental protection cable rated voltage of 450/750V and below, the highest long-term allowable working temperature of the cable conductor should not exceed 70, 90, 125 ℃ or higher; cable burning smoke density in line with national standards, light transmission rate of ≥ 260%; cable halogen acid content test in line with national standards, that is, PH value ≥ 4.3, conductivity ≤ 10μus/mm; cable flame retardant Performance in line with national standards, the cable’s toxicity index ≤ 3.In short, the above is whether low smoke halogen-free cable is environmentally friendly cable related content. From the above we can know that there are many connections and differences between low smoke halogen-free cables and environmentally friendly cables. Low smoke halogen-free cable is not necessarily environmentally friendly wire and cable, but environmentally friendly wire and cable must be low smoke halogen-free cable. In order to improve the safety of the circuit at home, Sunua Advanced Material recommends that people use low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant cable as their home electric wire.

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