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Best Holistic Life Magazine Reveals the June Cover Girl and Celebrates Amber Winn as the Self-Help Icon of the Year

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Best Holistic Life Magazine Reveals the June Cover Girl and Celebrates Amber Winn as the Self-Help Icon of the Year

June 07
12:18 2023
The June cover girl for Best Holistic Life Magazine, Amber Winn, has been named the Self-Help Icon of the Year for 2023, and she shares the secrets to empowerment with readers. Winn is a dedicated life coach who helps individuals unlock their full potential and live fulfilling lives.

Amber Winn, the Inner-Love Coach, has struggled with depression, anxiety, fluctuating weight, and self-loathing for most of her life, but discovering life coaching was a turning point that changed everything for her. 

“I’m learning who I am, what I’m worth, what I like, what I want, and how to start feeling better and take massive action towards my dreams. I say this using present tense on purpose,” Winn said. 

Winn is a certified life coach through The Life Coach School, and she works to equip clients with the life-changing tools they need to live the lives they were meant for. She offers a free online webinar, teaching clients to Build Fierce Inner Love and increase their confidence with purpose-driven motivation. 

“Attract what you desire, boost your confidence, and transform your body image,” Winn said. “Discover your true identity while increasing your mind-body connection, reconnect with who you are, and increase your desirability with a transformative coaching program.”

From mess to mesmerizing

Winn underwent extensive training, which helped her establish a profound understanding of the strategies and techniques necessary to guide others toward achieving their goals. She was recently the well-deserved recipient of the 2023 Self-Help Coach of the Year award, and she intends to continue using her knowledge and expertise to assist countless individuals in overcoming the obstacles in their lives, reaching new personal and professional heights while truly accepting themselves—flaws and all. 

“I am 50% a mess and 50% amazing!” Winn said. 

Self-love and satisfaction

Winn operates with unwavering passion for empowering others, particularly women of all ages, to embrace the power of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-help as catalysts for meaningful change and fundamental transformation. By emphasizing the importance of prioritizing their well-being and happiness, she encourages clients to create positive ripples that radiate outward, impacting their lives and the world around them.  

The Inner Love Diva

Winn’s influence extends beyond her life-coaching practice. She hosts a popular podcast, The Inner Love Diva, and her insight and expertise have captivated a broad audience. She cultivates self-awareness, confidence, and inner peace with practical guidance and unwavering support. 


Best Holistic Life Magazine is founded and operated by author, entrepreneur, and Health Influencers Mastermind founder Jana Short. It brings health industry expert advice and prominent influencers’ recommendations together in one place. 

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