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Maintenance And Precautions Of Microwave Drying Machine People Need To Know

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Maintenance And Precautions Of Microwave Drying Machine People Need To Know

August 04
00:08 2022

In fact, when people are dealing with a thing or a device, people have to maintain it. This will also provide a good protection for the equipment, prolong its service life and improve its efficiency. The same is true for microwave drying equipment, which also needs to be maintained. Let’s take a look at how to maintain it at this time.

1. According to the environmental sanitation level of the workshop on site, reasonably arrange the dust cleaning of equipment, electrical appliances, boxes, conveyor belts and other parts, especially the air-cooled microwave dryer, which should be paid more attention to. Because of the dust attached to the microwave electrical parts, magnetron and transformer are heating appliances, which need ventilation fans to dissipate the heat generated by themselves. If very thick dust is attached to the magnetron and transformer, the heat dissipation will be very poor, which is unsafe for the use of machinery and equipment.

2. Keep the workshop environment dry. Microwave electrical components are all made of metal. Due to high humidity in the workshop, the surface of metal electrical appliances will be wet. When the power is connected, the water vapor attached to the surface of metal electrical appliances will cause electrical short circuit and burn the electrical appliances. This is very damaging to the machine, so it is necessary to strengthen the protection in this regard.

3. Regularly open the observation window of the microwave drying cabinet and clean up the sundries left in the cabinet. The sundries in the box will affect the effective use of microwave power.

4. Provide fixed post personnel for microwave dryer. In this way, the equipment can be operated better and the use value of the equipment can be improved to a greater extent.

The above are the precautions for the microwave drying machine, so people should also pay attention to this place during maintenance, so as to better protect the machine.

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