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What does it actually take to be a model according to Safaa Radoua?

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What does it actually take to be a model according to Safaa Radoua?

November 30
15:40 2021
What does it actually take to be a model according to Safaa Radoua?
“A lot of people want to be a model because it’s glamorous and lucrative. They may want to be recognized in the modeling world. Modeling is extremely competitive, and the industry is filled with rejection, but successful models spend their time doing something that they love. Knowing what to expect when entering the world of modeling can help prepare you to become a model.”
– Safaa Radoua.

For decades, modeling was a silent profession, where women were supposed to be seen and never heard. Nowadays, modeling is on its peak of its development. Accordingly, being a model isn’t an easy task at all, it’s a demanding one! To know more what does it actually take to become a successful model, Safaa Radoua-one of the best and most attractive models in the Middle East-shares her knowledge which she has earned through her journey out there as a model. First, Safaa says a model must know the market, for example certain trends and looks are more popular than others.

Another instance, runway modeling and fashion show modeling are not as widespread as commercial modeling for print occasions like magazines, newspapers and store sales papers. Also knowing your market will help you know what look the surrounding agencies are looking for. Besides, a model must get some practices. How? Don’t expect to walk into a modeling agency, do a few twirls and expect them to sign you. If a model does get called in for a meet and greet, he/she needs to keep your look casual, yet also has a confident walk and not look fake. Another thing a model should be aware of is the odds of the industry.

One doesn’t need to be a certain size to model, nor does he/she needs to look a certain way. One just need to know what the odds are in the market they’re in. Besides, a model should be prepared for a difficult road. The modeling world is jam-packed with pretty faces. Being good-looking does not equate to success as a model. The modeling business is not just about looking great; you have to fit the need of specific jobs just in order to get a chance. Last but not the least, treat modeling like a real job. Individuals who don’t take it seriously have small chances of succeeding in their modeling career. Realize that it is harder than it appears and there’s a lot of work behind all the glitz and glamour you see at fashion shows. Modeling is a full time occupation that requires constant attention

“Briefly, the most important thing you can do to become a model is to be yourself! Never change who you are on the inside or outside to make someone else happy. Modeling can be a great way to gain self-confidence and can help you make money on the side of a regular day job. Never sacrifice yourself, your values or your self-esteem to do so!”, Safaa Radoua.

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