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How Does The CNC Cutting Machine Make The Furniture More Refined

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How Does The CNC Cutting Machine Make The Furniture More Refined

October 13
20:30 2021


The use of CNC router to customize panel furniture has become a popular trend in the furniture industry. Its appearance, smooth color, and diversified shapes can be freely DIY according to the room layout. Many advantages make panel furniture a choice for many people.

The wide application of intelligent customized furniture production line equipment (CNC routerautomatic edge banding machine, etc.) has pushed panel furniture to a new level. How to use the CNC cutting machine to make the furniture more refined and reduce the production cost is the concern of many manufacturers.

As a ten-year senior manufacturer focusing on R&D and manufacturing of CNC router and other CNC equipment, cooperation with furniture industry enterprises shows that saving plate is a basic and important aspect in the production of panel furniture, which is related to improving production efficiency and expanding production scale., Increase sales and other aspects are equally important.

There are many habits in furniture production, and these habits are good and bad. For example, furniture in the north often has the habit of thick and heavy, and often habitually uses thick plates and large plates. This is detrimental to the use of materials in some cases. For the side panels of drawers, we often use 16mm and 18mm thick plates; however, many manufacturers in the south have commonly used 12mm thick plates in high-end furniture. Practice has proved that this size has withstood the test in terms of shape and strength. By extension, some small laminates, partitions, and even side panels, top panels (such as bedside tables), can use 12mm thin panels.

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