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TranhdaquyChiCuong – The company produces the most prestigious and top quality gemstone paintings in Vietnam

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TranhdaquyChiCuong – The company produces the most prestigious and top quality gemstone paintings in Vietnam

July 28
08:34 2021

TranhdaquyChiCuong is a company with extensive experience in painting. We have built and established the company since the beginning of 2020 with the criterion “customer is number 1”. Chi Cuong Company has many skilled workers with many years of experience committed to bringing satisfaction to customers.

What is gem painting, why is it called gem painting?

Gemstone paintings are paintings made from precious and semi-precious natural stones, these stones are mainly quarried in quarries in Yen Bai. The quality gems will be screened for making jewelry such as rings, bracelets… and the lower quality gems will be excluded for painting.

Also, depending on the needs of the customer, you can choose the type of gemstone to make a picture, the quality stone, the price of the painting will be higher and vice versa. That’s why rock paintings are called gem paintings.

The origin of Vietnamese gem paintings?

From the 90s on the land of Luc Yen – Yen Bai appeared beautiful red ruby ​​stones, gradually many people knew and then flocked to this place to exploit gems and form the Luc Yen gem market for to this day.

Not only attracting customers to buy from Vietnam but also customers from neighboring countries such as Laos and Thailand also come to buy goods. There are peak times this market has hundreds of small merchants bustling with many valuable gems.

Vietnam’s gem industry has been around for about 30 years since then. In addition to the gems of great value found to be used as jewelry, lower-quality, lower-priced stones are manufactured. smaller works to make semi-valuable gem paintings. The natural stones have had enough colors with high durability, it is crafted into luxurious and delicate gem paintings by artisans, from which the history of the formation of gem paintings originated from Luc Yen.

How is the quality of Tranh da quy Chi Cuong gem paintings?

Depending on the needs of customers, tranh da quy Chi Cuong Gemstone Painting provides all kinds of quality gemstone paintings from medium to high-class goods to customers.

The paintings, we commit to a 5-year warranty for each product so that you can be assured of the durability and quality of the paintings.

Our gem paintings are made from 100% natural precious and semi-precious stones, so we guarantee the color and durability of the stone, Each of our paintings made by artisans has to put a lot of effort and mind for each picture so that it has soul.

The more beautiful the painting, the more meticulous it is, the more sweat the artist has to put in. About the quality of tranh da quy Chi Cuong Gemstone Painting, you can watch the video clip of actual images here At first sight, you can see the difference in tranh da quy Chi Cuong Gemstone Painting compared to other paintings on the market today, right? One of our gem paintings is meticulously handcrafted, the stage is to break the stone into small pieces, then select and select the stone samples according to the colors and content of the picture to make a picture.

The high-class gem paintings such as the hero of the future, the perennial crane, the winged eagle… we have to pay each stone (like grinding gems for jewelry). Then use glue to attach each piece to the corner of the picture.

Weigh and measure carefully every small detail to make the picture balanced, sometimes it has to be disassembled and redone because the tiger is not like a tiger but like a cat.

Gemstone paintings use what kind of gems?

There are many types of precious and semi-precious stones to make paintings, usually we use stones such as rose quartz, amethyst, opal, calcite, Tourmaline, Meteorite, Sapphire, Ruby, etc.

The amount of regular gems or high-class gem paintings depends on the needs of customers. If customers want quality stone, the cost of making paintings will be high, we always meet the needs of customers.

Why should you choose gemstone paintings to hang in the house?

Gemstone paintings made from natural precious and semi-precious stones do not fade, the stone material is formed over the years, so its durability is almost eternal.

A picture of a gemstone has a degree of over 20 years, so you can hang it in the house for many years without fear of damage. The cost for a painting is 10 million VND but the durability is over 20 years, it is not expensive, right?

Compared to longevity, there are not many paintings that are as durable as gem paintings. Moreover, about feng shui, gem paintings are still the most suitable, as you know the types of feng shui items, today the top are still stones such as stone balls, Pi Xiu, feng shui bracelets…

If you are a fan of feng shui. If you understand feng shui, you will definitely choose gem paintings.

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