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The New Effective Manual Therapy and Massage Techniques Significantly Improve Sleep in Older Population

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The New Effective Manual Therapy and Massage Techniques Significantly Improve Sleep in Older Population

June 11
02:18 2021
Massage Therapy works wonders in improving the sleeping cycles and sleeping duration for older adults and people struggling with insomnia!

When it comes to health and well-being, a healthy sleeping pattern is a strong indicator to lead a quality life. However, with age, older people struggle with disrupted sleep, which affects their day-to-day functions. Numerous studies have been conducted to analyze the various reasons for the change in the sleeping cycle, taking age and lifestyle changes into account. Dr. Aybek Izzato, the Tyan Anmo massage course founder, has conducted breakthrough research on massage therapy that highlights how influencing the state of muscles leads to sound sleep in the elderly population. Furthermore, the study sheds light on newly effective manual therapy and massage techniques that improve the sleeping cycles and sleeping duration for older adults struggling with insomnia. 

Lack of sound sleep affects the overall health, exacerbates various medical conditions, impairs cognitive abilities, and in some cases, increases the mortality rates. In addition, older adults go through different health and lifestyle changes that influence their sleeping patterns causing insomnia. According to Dr. Aybek Izzato, massage therapy works wonders to improve sleep quality and sleep duration. This massage therapy involves twitching, shaking, and stretching the muscles, leading to the activation of the parasympathetic nerves, which reduces the blood pressure and increases the heart rate variability. Additionally, increased parasympathetic nervous system activity reduces stress and anxiety, making the body physically relaxed and sleep faster.   

Another impressive finding of manual therapy is its effectiveness in overall muscle relaxation by applying sufficient pressure on the skin and muscles that activate the autonomic nervous systems. In addition, the technique removes harmful substances from the body and promotes the release of nutrients. The continuous pain and swelling in the muscles and joints that undermined the sleep quality in the first place get treated, and sleep is effectively improved.  

In contrast to the conventional methods of treating insomnia through medication and pills, massage therapy is cost-effective and does not have any side effects. Additionally, manual massage therapy works in sync with the physical, biochemical, and psychological systems ensuring a holistic approach to enhancing sleep quality. By improving muscle flexibility, blood flow and reducing the toxins from the body, sleeping cycles improve miraculously, resulting in optimal functioning of older adults. Dr. Aybek Izzato believes this manual sleep therapy can be a breakthrough treatment when implemented properly to help treat insomnia and disrupted sleeping patterns.  

About the Study:

With age, the sleeping patterns in the elderly get disrupted, affecting the quality of sleep and overall well-being. The novel message therapy seeks to improve sleep quality by twitching, stretching, and shaking muscles that stimulate particular trigger points and help treat insomnia and sleeping problems. Manual sleep therapy does not have any side effects, is cost-effective, and gives incredible results.  

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