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Weiyu Electric attended the “CPTE” charging stations exhibition in Shenzhen

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Weiyu Electric attended the “CPTE” charging stations exhibition in Shenzhen

December 28
08:16 2020

On Nov.2nd to Nov. 4th, Company attended the “CPTE“ charging stations exhibition in Shenzhen. In this exhibition, almost all the famous charging stations in Company domestic market were there to present their new product.

From the first day to the last day, people were one of the busiest booths. Why? Because people had a very new technology to completely change the structure of the DC charging stations. it is the “highly-integrated power controller” of DC charging stations.

The traditional structure of DC charging stations is like following, the whole world is manufacturing it like this. Company did this before as well. After 3 years research and development, this highly-integrated power controller come out. It absolutely changed the idea of how to make the charging station quite simple.

Why people would say power controller change this charging stations business?

The shortage of traditional charging station:

• Various components

• Complicated stock control

• Demanding assembly

• Poor stability

• High performance cost

How Company solve it?

people integrated the signal detector, main PCB, voltage detector, DC contactor, BMS auxiliary power, current brass plate, insulation detection, divertor and fuse into one power controller.

Yes, what people doing is a new idea, and make it realize.

The superiority of the integrated power controller:

• Make the assembly super easy. Each system is highly integrated, no need various components and labor and more.

• Make the unit quite stable. It realized to collect information of each system, remotely detect the fault and solve the fault.

• Make the maintenance very fast. No need to go to site to check and maintain the unit, reduce the maintenance cost.

For the manufacturer, the labor cost and material cost are the biggest part of the whole cost. people help the DC charging station save this biggest cost.

For the operators and users, the maintenance cost is the biggest cost, people help the operator save this cost.

Weeyu makes the charging station quite simple.

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