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Whoever wins in the community will win in competition – Emerging PSC(prismcoin)

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Whoever wins in the community will win in competition – Emerging PSC(prismcoin)

September 16
17:48 2019

In 2019, the blockchain industry has been recovering. Bitcoin has started astrong rebound from the trough, and the industry has come back to life, which has provided the employees with the soil suitable for their survival, and the blockchain projects have emerged in large numbers. Blockchain technology has become increasingly mature after the long-term development, but the industry itself is still in a barbaric growth state, which has led to a great many disorders and persistent ailments. At the same time, the emerging PSC has attracted the public’s attention.

Multi-national building and ambitious goals

PSC (Prism Coin) is jointly created by a number of well-known institutions from the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries, which is aimed to subvert the traditional financial industry, set up an advanced, unique and decentralized ecosystem of the financial industry, boost the rapid flow of the entire market in accordance with a series of open and fair rules and criteria, and optimize the composition of the current economic structure, conduct rational allocation of resources, and finally build a fair and efficient financial service platform that serves the users all over the world.

Global community, consensus and co-governance

“A strong community is the guarantee of success, and whoever wins in the community will win in competition.”PSC owns an abundant user base and community foundation, with its nodes deployed all over the world. Powerful community forces have enabled PSC tostart synchronously in various markets around the world. As soon as it was launched, it had already occupied the market with great momentum, jointly made its voice heard, and gained the initiative.

Ample scenarios, pragmatic and realistic spirit

As a professional and ambitious financial service platform, PSC has focused on the applications in a variety of scenarios, such as supply chain finance, information tracing and sharing, quantitative transactions, wallets, asset launching, digital settlement, offline payment, project incubation, digital asset trading and so forth. With the platform as a tie, it can get through the links between the its tokens with the real industry and advance the progress of the business sector and the development of society as a whole.

Subverting the tradition, community-oriented

Community is the most important link in the whole ecosystem chain of PSC, and it is the prerequisite for the development of all the practical applications. With the community as the core operating concept, PSC will subvert the traditional token fund-raising mode, adopt a decentralized community governance mechanism and guide the value transmission of the community ecosystem by means of novel community autonomy.90% of the funds raised by the PSC platform will be used togive back to the community and used for the building of the community and the management of PSC’s market value. Its resolutions will be jointly made by the members of the community, which are all the holders of PSC tokens, and the decisions on major issues will be made by community users through voting.

Diversified functions, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation

The PSC platform has plenty of application scenarios and a variety of functional attributes, while relying on the high-quality community environment to provide the all-round services for its users based on the principles of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Moreover, PSC will continue to explore high-quality projects and provide incubation services, and provide all-round support and guidance for the incubation projects in line with the principles of simplicity, interest concession, efficiency and win-win cooperation, so as to ultimately achieve the goal of common prosperity.In the meantime, PSC is equipped with a professional market value management team, which can ensure the high liquidity of the projects on the blockchain and provide a perfect ecosystem for the development of the projects. As an important part of the functions of the PSC platform, the function of digital assets transactions is available for users, which consists of spot trading, contract trading, currency management, OTC, global market quotations and other featured modules. The tokens of the projects can be circulated freely in the PSC platform, transferring the value and contributing to the development of the PSC platform.

In the future, the PSC platform will always adhere to the principle of community development as the core, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and provide its users with various featured functions, such as project incubation, market value management, asset trading and so forth, as well as set up an advanced and innovative financial industry ecosystem, and finally build the most fair and efficient financial service platform in the world!

Official websitewww.psctoken.com

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