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FileHold Enhances Document Management System with New Features

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FileHold Enhances Document Management System with New Features

November 21
21:57 2023

FileHold Systems Inc., under the guidance of President Larry Oliver, has announced new feature enhancements to its renowned document management software, FileHold. These updates are focused on further streamlining business operations and improving user experience.

The enhancements include advanced full-text search capabilities, making document retrieval more efficient and precise. The software now offers an even more intuitive user interface, catering to a broader range of users with varying technological expertise. The new features also bolster the software’s scalability, ensuring it can grow alongside businesses of all sizes.

One seasoned computer consultant praised FileHold, stating, “FileHold is a complete system ready to start helping you make money. It’s intuitive for the user and designed with a modern interface that encourages users to store their documents efficiently. The system is scalable to any size business, making it an ideal solution for growing companies.”

FileHold’s latest improvements reflect the company’s commitment to offering a document management solution that is both comprehensive and easy to use. This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to enhance their document security and compliance, while also reducing the time spent on managing documents.

FileHold Systems Inc. invites businesses to experience the improved efficiency and security offered by their document management software. For more information, please contact them at 3010 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC V5M 4A1, Canada, call +1 604-734-5653, or visit https://www.filehold.com/.

About FileHold Systems Inc.

FileHold Systems Inc. specializes in providing document management solutions that help businesses increase efficiency and compliance. Led by President Larry Oliver, FileHold is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in the field of document management.


FileHold Systems Inc.

3010 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC V5M 4A1, Canada

Phone: +1 604-734-5653

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