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Revolutionizing Activewear: Embracing Natural Fabrics at Alexandria BC

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Revolutionizing Activewear: Embracing Natural Fabrics at Alexandria BC

November 21
19:57 2023

There’s a discreet brand called ‘Alexandria BC,’ or as some like to call it, “ABC- Activewear for Billionaires Club” Although most buyers won’t find flashy commercials or extensive social media posts, it has garnered a dedicated following among the wealthy. As the brand itself says, ‘When you know, you know.’

They are all about elevating activewear to a new level by merging technology with premium natural fabrics such as silk, wool, and cashmere, while most activewear brands rely almost exclusively on polyester and synthetics. As a result, their products are lighter, more comfortable, and more breathable than typical activewear. 

While the majority of their clothing uses 100% natural fibers, they’ve invented a hybrid material for some of their products such as the cheetah leggings to increase stretch, durability, and performance while ensuring that the inner layer touching the skin is all-natural. Their cutting edge tech and innovative design challenges the belief that natural fabrics are automatically less flexible and durable compared to synthetics.  

Now, the price tag on their workout shirts might raise an eyebrow, with the cheapest one priced at $238. However, the difference becomes apparent the moment one is slipped on.

The shirts are crafted from 100% premium silk using a custom weave designed for athletic performance. This makes the silk exceptionally lightweight, thin, and stretchy, all without the addition of synthetic materials. The unique weave also incorporates air vents to enhance the fabric’s breathability. As a result, customers report staying surprisingly fresh with much less perspiration and stickiness. The incredibly soft and smooth feel is hard to put into words; the sensation is almost like wearing nothing at all while also being gently caressed by the delicate and luxurious material.

Their silk thermal collection is also notable. Designed for outdoor sports in extreme conditions such as skiing or hiking, they use AirLock insulation to maximize silk’s already unbeatable temperature regulating ability. The napped silk lining keeps the body cool in the heat and warm in the cold while providing an incredibly soft and fluffy feel, almost like being enveloped in a cloud. Silk’s impressive breathability and moisture wicking ensures a fresh and dry feeling even after sweating, unlike most garments that quickly feel wet and cold. As a result, only this one thermal is needed instead of multiple layers to maximize comfort and performance.

It’s no surprise that celebrities are captivated by this brand, making it their preferred choice for activewear.  While the customers of Alexandria BC are typically affluent, they also include individuals who value health, quality of life, and the environment.

Just as more attention is being paid to the ingredients in food, an increasing number of people are focusing on the quality and type of materials in their clothing.  This brand is poised to lead the way into a new era of conscious activewear while also providing a significant lifestyle upgrade.

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