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1311 Jackson Ave Dental: Unleashing Radiant Smiles With Expert Dental Care

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1311 Jackson Ave Dental: Unleashing Radiant Smiles With Expert Dental Care

November 21
19:51 2023
1311 Jackson Ave Dental elevates self-care with top-rated dental services in Long Island City.

1311 Jackson Ave Dental sets new standards for dental care in Long Island City with its expertise and wide range of dental services. Renowned for its commitment to personalized, comprehensive dental services, the clinic stands out with its focus on individualized treatment plans and a welcoming atmosphere.

Blend of Expertise and Passion

In the vibrant landscape of Long Island City, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental stands as a trailblazer in the field, reshaping the narrative of what patients can expect from their dental experience. Their team, comprising of experienced dentists, hygienists, and dental staff, ensures complete health of one’s oral cavity from fixing problems to preventing them from ever occurring. 

Dr. Linh Nguyen and Dr. David Chen, graduates of Columbia University, bring professional expertise and a shared history of friendship. Dr. Nguyen, originally from Florida, now calls NYC home, while Dr. Chen, a Queens native, remains rooted in his community. Together, they infuse vitality into the dental practice, focusing on long-lasting dental procedures and the overall dental experience. Speaking to Dr. Nguyen, “Delivering exceptional dental care is not just a profession for us, it’s a commitment to enhancing the lives and smiles of our community.”

Recognizing the importance of accessible dental care, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental accepts most PPO dental insurance. The clinic goes further by offering financing options with interest-free payments and collaborating with CareCredit to extend flexible payment plans.

To further facilitate ease of access, the clinic provides multiple avenues for making appointments: through calls, walk-ins, or convenient online self-scheduling. Located in the Court Square area of LIC, the clinic’s operating hours, including Sunday appointments upon request, cater to the diverse schedules of its patients.

A Diverse Range of Tailored Dental Services

1311 Jackson Ave Dental offers a diverse range of high-quality dental services, addressing both preventive and corrective needs. Under the umbrella of preventative dentistry, services include routine dental check-ups, thorough teeth cleanings, x-rays for comprehensive diagnostics, oral cancer screenings, and more.

In the realm of restorative dentistry, the clinic provides a spectrum of solutions, from dental fillings addressing cavities to versatile crown options including all-ceramic and gold, bridges to restore missing teeth, and advanced procedures such as dental implants and implant crowns for comprehensive dental rehabilitation.

For emergencies, the clinic excels in urgent care, offering services such as tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, root canals to address severe dental infections, and incision and drainage for dental abscesses, ensuring prompt relief and resolution. 1311 Jackson Ave Dental also offers cosmetic enhancements such as tooth-colored resin composite fillings for a natural appearance, all-porcelain crowns for aesthetic restorations, dental bondings, and professional teeth whitening services.

Patients with misaligned teeth can benefit from Invisalign clear aligners, providing a metal-free alternative to straighten teeth, close gaps, and enhance smiles. Additionally, the clinic addresses temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues through night guards and myofascial therapy, offering relief for those experiencing jaw clicking or popping.

Personalized Dental Consultations

Recognizing the importance of tailored dental care as an important part of getting patients the care they need, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental offers three distinct types of consultations to meet the unique requirements of each patient. 

The comprehensive evaluation, synonymous with a dental check-up, involves a thorough examination, x-rays, teeth cleaning, and an opportunity for patients to address any queries they may have.

For those with specific dental concerns but not requiring a full evaluation, the limited consultation provides a focused approach to address particular issues. Moreover, the clinic extends its services to offer second opinions, particularly valuable for patients uncertain about treatment plans other dental offices recommend.


Established with a vision to go beyond conventional dental practices, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental is a pioneering dental clinic in Long Island City. Led by a team of skilled professionals, the clinic takes pride in its commitment to individualized care and creating a welcoming environment for the community. The clinic’s experienced dentists and friendly staff are committed to tailoring personalized treatment plans that surpass exceptional dental care.

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