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ZHAOWEI Launched Standardized and Customizable Precision Motors at SPS 2023, Empowering Customers’ Applications with Productivity and Innovation

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ZHAOWEI Launched Standardized and Customizable Precision Motors at SPS 2023, Empowering Customers’ Applications with Productivity and Innovation

November 21
18:36 2023

From November 14th to 16th, China’s leading micro-drive systems manufacturer, ZHAOWEI, took center stage at the SPS (Smart Production Solutions 2023). With the theme of “Standardized Production, Customized Manufacturing”, the spotlight shone on ZHAOWEI’s standard planetary gearboxes series and customized industrial solutions series. These solutions not only prioritize the reduction of manufacturing costs, but also aim to elevate product performance, serving as an integrated powerhouse for various industries.

Standard Gearbox Series with High Productivity and Low Cost

“Micro-size, low noise, and high precision. ZHAOWEI’s standard planetary gearbox series integrate R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of micro transmission over the past 24 years. Assembled modularly at ZHAOWEI’s smart factory, these gearboxes boast a remarkable annual production of 20 million sets. Reliable production capacity positions ZHAOWEI’s standard product series with unparalleled advantages in both product performance and cost,” said Jürgen Ludwig, Managing Director of ZHAOWEI German Branch (ZW Drive GmbH).

The Standard planetary gearboxes series include 13 micro gearboxes with standard production size, ranging from 3.4 mm to 38 mm. The versatile series allows for the customization of high-precision brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, hollow cup motors, and other configurations, which can support 1 to 4 stages of gear transmission.

According to tests conducted by ZHAOWEI’s Gear Transmission Laboratory, the output torque of gearbox series can reach from 1 gf.cm to 80 kgf.cm, adaptable to application environments from -30℃ to 100℃. Up to now, ZHAOWEI has established a comprehensive project management and product commercialization system, providing robust support for precision motor product supply across various industries.

Customized Drive System Solutions Bring Automation to Life

In line with the theme of SPS 2023 – “Bringing Automation to Life”, ZHAOWEI simultaneously launched customized solutions based on its outstanding performance standard products. This expansion now caters to  applications in service robots, industrial valves, environmental protection, and detection.

Service Robot Drive Series

The service robot drive series exhibited by ZHAOWEI include lawnmower robot drive systems and swimming pool cleaning robot drive systems. Within this series, standardized brushless motors, coupled with multi-stage gearbox transmission, are strategically configured to stably output large torque. This empowers the robots to perform walking and cleaning functions across diverse environments such as land and water.

In addition, the R&D and design of this product series integrate ZHAOWEI ’s philosophy of “customized manufacturing”, allowing for flexible motor combinations and product function customization to meet the specific commercial deployment needs from overseas customers.

Industry Valve Drive System Solutions

In the field of industrial valve drive control, ZHAOWEI exhibited two cutting-edge innovations: the industrial valve actuator and the screw valve drive system for dispensing machine.

ZHAOWEI valve actuator integrates a plastic shell and a powder metallurgy gearbox, meeting the IP54 protection  standard. Internally equipped with a stepper motor, it features small volume, low noise, large load capacity, and long service life.

The screw valve drive system for the dispensing machine combines a standard planetary reduction gearbox and a hollow cup brushless motor. This dynamic combination, controlled by a highly sensitive drive motor, ensures precise valve movement, facilitating a stable dispensing performance. Noteworthy characteristics of this system also include low noise and high precision. All motors in this series can be customized with dustproof, waterproof, and high-temperature resistance functions according to client’s specific application scenarios.

Smart Home Drive System Solutions

Committed to progress in the field of micro-drive to create a smarter and better life, ZHAOWEI not only empowers industrial progress with high-quality products, but also places a significant emphasis on energy and environmental protection.

As the global urbanization process accelerates, with building energy consumption constituting a growing proportion of the world’s total, ZHAOWEI’s independently developed air damper valve drive system has undergone cooperative testing with numerous domestic and international partners to align with building energy consumption standards worldwide. Designed to meet the IP54 protection standard, this system offers high adaptability and low energy consumption, helping clients in achieving energy savings and cost-effectiveness.

In terms of environmental protection, ZHAOWEI addresses water resource management for polluted water, domestic water, and industrial water. The drive system for water quality detectors adopts a lightweight and micro design. Its overall structure is compact, capable of outputting large torque in limited space. Developed and tested by ZHAOWEI’s expert team and Gear Transmission Laboratory, this system can be equipped with ZHAOWEI ‘s customized waterproof and long-duration motor, assisting customers in achieving prolonged water quality detection.

Dedicated to upgrading micro-drive systems to empower various industries, ZHAOWEI has been a recurring participant in SPS. ZHAOWEI considers the exhibition as a platform to exchange inspiration with R&D engineers around the world, and provide customers with customized micro-drive systems solutions tailored to their applications. In the future, ZHAOWEI is going to establish a subsidiary in U.S. to provide global customers with productivity and innovation advantages.

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