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Innovative Brick Laying Tools by FitzBrick Now Available in the US

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Innovative Brick Laying Tools by FitzBrick Now Available in the US

November 21
12:48 2023

FitzBrick unveils game-changing tools for US bricklayers—efficiency redefined in every lay. Explore now!

Brickwork professionals in the US now have access to cutting-edge brick laying tools, courtesy of FitzBrick, a renowned name in the industry. FitzBrick introduces two game-changing products designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and ease for bricklayers of all skill levels.

1. The New FitzBrick Penny Brick Line Clamp: Revolutionizing Line Pulling

Bricklayers worldwide now have a powerful ally in the form of the FitzBrick Penny Clamp™. This lightweight, multi-use hand clamp is the brainchild of an experienced bricklayer, ensuring it caters to the practical needs of the trade. Versatile and efficient, the clamp is suitable for pulling a line on all brick and block sizes ranging from 70mm to 237mm.

The FitzBrick Penny Clamp™ is set to become an indispensable addition to every bricklayer’s toolkit. Its design focuses on simplifying and expediting the line-pulling process. Crafted from durable stainless steel in Great Britain, this tool guarantees longevity and resilience. Available for purchase as singles, bricklayers can now experience a new level of efficiency with this meticulously designed FitzBrick creation.

2. The FitzBrick Profile Line Block: Achieving Perfect Corners Every Time

FitzBrick presents the Profile Line Block, an engineering marvel designed to deliver flawless corners consistently. The precisely crafted line block accommodates two lines running in standard 50mm and 50.8mm profiles. Its innovative design features wings that allow the corner of a brick to snugly fit, ensuring precision in every application.

Equipped with a thumbscrew, the FitzBrick Profile Line Block offers secure and accurate fixing to the profile, providing bricklayers with unmatched control and confidence in their work. This tool is a testament to FitzBrick’s commitment to advancing bricklaying practices with intelligent, purpose-driven design.

FitzBrick, known for its dedication to quality and innovation, proudly manufactures these tools in Great Britain. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in the durability, functionality, and precision of its products.

For bricklayers seeking to elevate their craft with reliable, high-performance tools, FitzBrick’s latest offerings are a game-changer. To explore these innovative tools and learn more about FitzBrick’s commitment to advancing bricklaying practices, visit their website.

For media inquiries, product reviews, or partnerships, please visit their website.

About FitzBrick:

FitzBrick is a leading name in the bricklaying industry, dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative tools that enhance efficiency, precision, and ease for bricklayers. With a focus on quality and durability, FitzBrick’s tools are trusted by professionals worldwide.

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