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China-Egypt Collaboration Sparks Advancements in Egypt’s Cable Industry

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China-Egypt Collaboration Sparks Advancements in Egypt’s Cable Industry

November 21
12:02 2023

2023, an Egyptian factory specializing in the production of low-voltage cables has partnered with LINT TOP: a leading cable machine supplier. The collaboration resulted in the acquisition of 3600Drum Twister, specifically designed for the production of medium and high-voltage power cables.

The production of Drum Twister, spanning from May to September, took four months to complete. The comprehensive production line includes central 3600 pay-off and take-up , rotating 2500 pay-off, and steel wire armoring. The entire operation is facilitated by a lifting platform for loading large drums, and a track for moving them. To address the challenges of loading heavy steel strips, a complimentary rotating crane was also provided, earning high praise and satisfaction from the Egyptian client.


The Drum Twister features two wrapping heads—one metallic and the other non-metallic. Additionally, two sets of dies for 1200mm² and 2000mm² were sent along with the machinery. The Egyptian clients visited China to inspect the machines and participate in the wire and tube exhibition held in September. Impressed by the expansive production facilities, they conducted rotational tests on every component, expressing contentment with the production plan.

Throughout the contract period, a plethora of photos and videos of the drum twister were shared during the transportation process, allowing the clients a detailed insight into the machinery before the machine arrived the site. In additionaly, we helped our customer overcome payment issues, especially during periods of currency instability in Egypt, showcasing unwavering support from the Chinese manufacturer.

The twisting machines embarked on their journey from the Shanghai port on October 25th and are expected to reach Egypt around November 20th. During the voyage, an agreement for the next commissioning phase was also reached. LINT TOP has committed to providing assistance in the installation and training of the machines, aiming to enhance the overall purchasing experience for the Egyptian clients.

This successful collaboration stands as a testament to the strong ties between China and Egypt, propelling the Egyptian cable industry towards a new era of innovation and efficiency.

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