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Varadox Capital Unveils Specialized $120m Venture Capital Fund Focused On Crypto, Gaming, And NFT Projects

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Varadox Capital Unveils Specialized $120m Venture Capital Fund Focused On Crypto, Gaming, And NFT Projects

November 21
16:06 2023

Calgary, Canada – Varadox Capital, a trailblazing venture capital firm specializing in funding projects at the intersection of crypto, gaming, and NFTs, announced today that it has raised $120M in capital from investors to lead further investments in Web3 startups and companies.

Varadox Capital is poised to redefine the investment landscape for web3 startups in these rapidly evolving industries, providing tailored support and financial backing to entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of web3 innovation.

The average investments by Varadox Capital range from $1M to $10M, and continues supporting companies as they scale to growth stages and beyond. The firm invests in only a few new companies each year, allowing it to concentrate time and capital on a small portfolio.

Varadox Capital consists of founders and industry leaders that not only provide growth capital but their collective experiences to coach founders, recruit talent and improve their odds of success.

By combining the expertise of its internal team with a cutting-edge approach to venture capital, Varadox Capital is uniquely positioned to cater to the distinctive needs of crypto, gaming, and NFT projects by creating an ecosystem that empowers ground-breaking ventures in these dynamic sectors.

Key Features of Varadox Capital:

  1. Sector-Specific Expertise: Varadox Capital brings a wealth of sector-specific knowledge and experience to the forefront, ensuring that startups in crypto, gaming, and NFTs receive targeted guidance and support throughout their growth journey.
  2. Crypto-Friendly Funding: Varadox Capital recognizes the significance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The platform offers crypto-friendly funding options, providing entrepreneurs with flexibility in how they manage their financial resources.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Varadox Capital facilitates strategic partnerships between startups and established players in the crypto, gaming, and NFT ecosystems. This collaborative approach aims to accelerate growth and foster innovation within these industries.
  4. NFT Ecosystem Support: With the rising prominence of NFTs, Varadox Capital is dedicated to supporting projects that contribute to the development of the NFT ecosystem. This includes funding for NFT marketplaces, platforms, and content creators.
  5. Gaming Innovation Fund: Varadox Capital has established a dedicated fund to support innovative projects in the gaming industry. This fund aims to fuel the development of cutting-edge technologies, immersive experiences, and next-generation gaming platforms.

Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Jannis Blinken emphasized the strategic focus of Varadox Capital, stating, “Our specialized approach reflects our commitment to nurturing innovation in the crypto, gaming, and NFT sectors. Varadox Capital is not just a VC fund; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to propel pioneering projects to new heights.”

For more information about Varadox Capital and to explore the specialized Varadox Capital platform, please visit https://www.varadoxcapital.com/.

About Varadox Capital

Varadox Capital is a venture capital firm at the forefront of innovation, specializing in funding projects in the crypto, gaming, and NFT sectors. With a focus on sector-specific expertise and collaborative partnerships, Varadox Capital is dedicated to driving the success of ground-breaking ventures.

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