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“The Unofficial Guide to Surviving College” Connects All Students With a Common Thread – To Learn From One’s Mistakes

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“The Unofficial Guide to Surviving College” Connects All Students With a Common Thread – To Learn From One’s Mistakes

November 20
22:12 2023
Written by Leslie Hayes and his father, Eugene Hayes, The Unofficial Guide to Surviving College is a book reflecting on some of the defining moments of a student’s life: College.

College is all about the survival of the fittest. From finances to courses and extracurriculars, only students who know discipline and planning can pull it off smoothly. For most young people, it is their first step towards financial and social independence. Planning these days helps them in the long run. However, the urge to make impulsive decisions increases since no guardian or monitoring authority exists. This leads to debt, indulgence, procrastination, poor self-management, behavioral issues, and academic failures. All of these poorly reflect on their personalities, crushing their motivations before entering the professional world.

The Unofficial Guide to Surviving College highlights the importance of perseverance, resilience, and self-reflection for newly enrolled students and how it saves them from countless errors in life. This thought-provoking guide was inspired by Leslie’s struggles as a college freshman and how these challenges shaped him into a better human being. He and his father, Dr. Eugene Hayes, co-authored this book to help students enrolling in universities or planning to enroll soon.

This detailed yet fun read contains information, advice, and hearty laughter for parents and students. Each chapter has a crucial life lesson for its readers, from explaining the consequences of indulgence to spending $3,000 on a vending machine, as well as the importance of time management and the horrors of procrastination. It is a relatable and applicable guide for parents and students with an essential message of learning from our mistakes.

The Unofficial Guide to Surviving College also encourages communication between parents and children. Instead of keeping their problems to themselves, students and teenagers should leverage the experiences and advice of their parents to make the best out of their college days. Delve into the story of Leslie Hayes and how his dad, Dr. Eugene Hayes, helped him navigate the exciting, studious days.

About the Authors

Dr. Eugene Hayes has worked in the public health sector for 22 years. He also has experience in mentoring, leadership, and substance abuse awareness. Leslie Hayes recently graduated from Saint Leo University with a bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. Throughout college, he faced various challenges that helped him understand the importance of perseverance. His struggles inspired him and his father to co-author a complete guide related to his journey.

Get the Unofficial Guide to Surviving College by Leslie C. Hayes and Dr. Eugene D. Hayes  on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Unofficial-Guide-Surviving-College-Book-ebook/dp/B0C9M8QDF5/

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