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VPNHouse Announces Groundbreaking Release of New VPN for Windows

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VPNHouse Announces Groundbreaking Release of New VPN for Windows

November 20
17:12 2023
Secure, transparent, and lightning-fast connectivity for Android, iOS, and MacOS for M1, M2, M3 and now Windows.

VPNHouse, a leading provider of secure, transparent, fast VPN services, is bringing its security-centric VPN to Windows. Built to address concerns around digital privacy, VPNHouse promises people greater encryption and freedom.

The technological revolution is no longer a fad; it is a reality, and with it comes the growing need for identity management and protection in digital spaces. Despite fostering global connection, the digital revolution is plagued by cybercrime, which makes it imperative for internet users to rely on virtual private networks for their protection. Unfortunately, VPN providers have a reputation for breaking their promise of safeguarding client information, and considering the monumental gravity of internet security in today’s rapidly evolving digital world, VPN is a necessity.

VPNHouse recognizes the growing gap and its role in helping people protect themselves against online threats. By providing advanced VPN technology, the company offers users a powerful combination of security, transparency through its open source code available on GitHub, and speed with unparalleled freedom and affordability – prices starting as low as $1.99 per month.

“Be protected like Swiss bank without breaking the bank. Enjoy fast, unlimited, anonymous browsing at the lowest price ever.”

VPNHouse has rolled out apps for Android and iOS and supports Wireguard configuration. Now expanding its repertoire with its upcoming VPN for Windows, VPNHouse is firming up its commitment to helping users protect their privacy and security online. With the VPN client for PCs, the company aims to offer its users more options to utilize VPN services on their Windows devices.

Designed after listening to client needs, the Windows VPN brings a new level of protection and affordability. VPNHouse’s unique IPRose block-proof protocol combined with reliable and fast Wireguard protocol make the end product work in the regions where other VPNs fail without compromising speed and security. Their No-Log Policy ensures clients remain anonymous and their information confidential and secure since the VPN provider doesn’t collect or store any personal data.

VPNHouse locations are handpicked to maximize savings, providing access to the best subscription prices possible for all popular streaming services at the same time and providing worldwide coverage for their users. The VPN provider offers industry-recognized encryption while ensuring an open and transparent VPN service. With VPNHouse, geo-restricted content is no longer an issue; at the same time, there are no limits on data or number of devices and no compromise on speed. Users enjoy unlimited data on any number of devices.

With the Windows VPN release, VPNHouse is inviting people to secure their spot among the 8888 limited edition Diamond Accounts that will enjoy exclusive early access to new apps, features, and an early bird benefit basket that will include priority support, complimentary month upon release and engagement within the beta tester at the best price ever.

This offer is limited, and there might be no more opportunity to get VPN this cheap, so hurry up and secure a spot. 

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