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Noahswap Shines at TOKEN 2049 Singapore Event 2023

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Noahswap Shines at TOKEN 2049 Singapore Event 2023

September 20
00:16 2023

Singapore – 19 September, 2023 – TOKEN 2049, Asia’s premier crypto gathering, concluded recently, marking two days of vibrant discussions and insights for the global Web3 domain. Attracting over 10,000 participants, including global entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry mavens, and media, the event witnessed Noahswap’s captivating demonstration of its ecosystem’s potential and charm.

Noahswap: Focusing  the Handling of Non-Performing Assets

As the world’s inaugural platform dedicated to the mining and pledging of underperforming crypto assets, Noahswap’s mission is to shield digital currency investors from potential losses. By leveraging these assets, Noahswap introduces a revenue model for investors, offering a ray of hope and a pathway back to the crypto markets for those previously affected by losses.

Throughout TOKEN 2049, Noahswap’s booth became a focal point, garnering attention and queries from industry stalwarts. Demonstrations by the team elucidated the platform’s operational nuances, emphasizing its value proposition for investors. Attendees praised Noahswap’s innovative approach, recognizing its potential in addressing the non-performing crypto asset challenge and enhancing investor confidence.

“The spotlight at TOKEN 2049 has been an honor for Noahswap,” shared the Noahswap team. “Beyond being an investment platform, we see ourselves as a beacon for investor recovery. In this transformative era, we’re optimistic about Noahswap pioneering novel, profitable avenues for the wider crypto community.”

Broadening Horizons and Cementing Global Partnerships

Noahswap’s accolades at TOKEN 2049 weren’t solely about their groundbreaking mechanisms. They made headway in forging significant partnerships, setting the stage for strengthening their presence in the Web3 community and propelling their future ambitions.

Noahswap Development Timeline

2020: Observing the volatility of the crypto bull market, followed by a drastic bear shift, Noahswap was inspired to employ blockchain to aid non-performing assets. Collaborations with traditional finance platforms ensued, enhancing their asset disposal methods.

Late 2020: Handling non-performing assets valued over 100 billion USD, Noahswap gained invaluable insights, prompting an exploration of bringing traditional finance solutions to the crypto realm.

2021: After the LUNA debacle, the team centered its efforts on crypto’s non-performing assets, laying the groundwork for their specialized platform and fostering collaborations with leading blockchain initiatives.

2022: With milestones such as finalizing product design, securing financing, and launching a beta version amidst market shifts, Noahswap’s evolution was in full swing.

2023: With completed platform tests and collaborations with eight out of 26 potential coin projects, Noahswap officially unveiled its non-performing asset platform in September, serving a vast online user base.

September 2023 also marked Noahswap’s grand introduction at Token 2049 and the launch of dApp noahswap.io. This platform, in its 1.0 version, supports a broad spectrum of tokens, spanning 97% of the market.

Post-TOKEN 2049, Noahswap’s trajectory is aimed at global expansion, targeting locations such as Hong Kong, Dubai, and Australia. Plans include tie-ups with 50+ crypto financial platforms in the latter half of the year. An added feather in their cap was the NOAH token’s launch on Coinstore exchange on September 15th, recording an impressive 1032% surge, fortifying Noahswap’s influential role in the crypto milieu.

Stay connected with Noahswap:

Website: https://noahswap.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Noahswap

Telegram: https://t.me/noahswapglobal

Medium: https://medium.com/@Noahswap

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