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Top Reasons Opting for a ‘Budget’ Logo Could Be a High-Cost Mistake, According to Industry Game-Changer Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC

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Top Reasons Opting for a ‘Budget’ Logo Could Be a High-Cost Mistake, According to Industry Game-Changer Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC

September 20
01:27 2023

When it comes to establishing an impeccable brand identity, investing in a high-quality logo design is crucial, according to industry game-changer Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC. 

While putting out a creative logo is the key to achieving instant recognition, many companies fall into the trap of going into so-called “budget logos.” According to leading creative firm Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC, countless brands have turned to setting a low budget for their logo design, thinking that it’s ‘just a logo.’ That’s one big solid mistake. 

A logo, according to the company, serves as a quick visual representation of a brand. It should evoke a memory or a sentiment from the viewer and is not essentially captured via “budget designers” who are known for crappy designs that do not follow brand guidelines. 

It takes time to create a powerful and memorable logo because there’s a need to evoke a memory or an emotion. Brands need to evoke a purpose, and that’s where a creative and masterfully created logo comes into the picture.  

For example, a professional design firm like Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC spends a ton of time researching, sketching, and crafting a unique logo that precisely represents a client’s brand and resonates with its target consumer. 

The level of attention to detail, passion, and commitment to design standards are all reflected in the logo design, according to the leading design agency composed of top-rated creative experts. 

Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC is composed of creative and design experience with over 15 years of experience. The company begins the logo design process with the sketch phase, where its team of professionals comes up with a unique concept based on the details provided to them after a clients placed an online order through the website www.jeremynellsworth.com.

Once the sketch has been approved, the design team begins the process of converting the sketch into a full-color, high-resolution vector logo design. Even during this phase, Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC continues to work with the client until they are 100 percent satisfied with the outcome of their logo. 

Once the client approves the full-color vectorized version of the design, the team gathers all the final designs needed for the business. This includes “Print Ready” files such as Ai, EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG.

For design firm Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC, a great logo design costs more because there’s more story behind it than just the style. It offers a strong brand identity that can help increase customer loyalty, which, in return, increases sales. 

Whether a small start-up company or a well-established corporation, Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC offers only the best to its clients, taking creative worth to the next level. Those who want to learn more about the team behind Jeremy Ellsworth Designs LLC may visit www.facebook.com/jnellsworth for more information. 

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