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Leading IT Transformation, Another Corporate Training Program by Appleton Greene & Co

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Leading IT Transformation, Another Corporate Training Program by Appleton Greene & Co

September 20
00:06 2023
Industry expert, Appleton Greene & Co, has launched a corporate training program designed to aid in common information technology or IT issues. This training promises to help learners execute IT initiatives more successfully in the future as they learn better ways of employing updates and systems.

Technology is changing all industries. Traditional products and services are facing-off with new digital alternatives. In an age of disruption and rapid change, organizations face the pressure to be more agile, innovative, and adaptable. Even those that have historically been resistant to change (e.g., owing to the nature of the industry, company size, risks, and regulatory burden) are looking at IT transformation to become nimble in order to sustain and thrive.  

Appleton Greene & Co is aiding these innovative IT businesses with the Leading IT Transformation corporate training program, taught by Ms. Drabenstadt, MBA. This program can be the difference between an IT team that can adapt and change with each new update and challenge or one that struggles to keep up.  

Leading IT Transformation 

Leading IT Transformation is targeted at organizations that are struggling with various issues impacting information technology implementations. Perhaps teams are plagued with schedule and cost overruns. There may be a lack of trust or partnership between IT and the business. The business may need IT to deliver value faster with better collaboration with the business. Often there is an increasing demand for responsive IT processes and infrastructure that meets the business’ growing and ever-changing needs. One or, more likely, a combination of these factors may have led the organization to conclude they need to transform their IT and business interactions to “fix” what is broken. This course will give learners tools to address these situations. 

Learners enrolling in the Leading IT Transformation program will understand how the adoption of Agile methodology can help them execute IT initiatives successfully. They may employ Agile product development techniques for a range of IT (and non-IT) priorities, including automating business processes, boosting customer engagement, developing software applications, and achieving ‘quick wins’ for digital transformation initiatives. 

What is IT Transformation 

Transformation leads to a different state of being for an organization. It is a journey, not an event, and its impact is felt at both organizational and individual levels. The need for transformation starts with a critical question or challenge, such as “How do we fundamentally rethink the way we do business?” There is no perfect answer, but there are choices that can be explored to determine what can create impact at scale. 

Leading IT Transformation helps to implement near-term actions and to gain perspectives that allow organizations to live in the future. 

This course is designed to enable learners to deliver immediate value to their business after attending each session by applying the processes and guidance provided and addressing the challenges as they go. The modules can help learners solve problems that exist today and create a strong enough foundation to tackle any bends in the road that may occur in the future.

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