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New play “Dance With New Year’s Eve” is coming from Elite Performing Arts Group USA #Monterey Park mass shooting will be on the stage

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New play “Dance With New Year’s Eve” is coming from Elite Performing Arts Group USA #Monterey Park mass shooting will be on the stage

September 19
06:33 2023

After bringing a string of successful drama productions to SoCal’s Chinese communities,  Elite Performing Arts Group USA (aka UU)   will produce a new musical drama documentary “DANCE with NEW YEAR’s EVE”, This appropriately named socially reflective drama is scheduled to debut on January 20 & 21, 2024.

The famous Golden Horse Award winning director Yang Tuen-Ping and community leader Sandra Tung  will be executive producers, Angela  Sheng will be producer, Sherry Lin and Paul Lo will be directors.

There will be 2 performances at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse.

1st show will be on January 20, 2024 at 8 pm.

2nd show will be on January 21, 2024 at 3 pm.

Press release video link: http://youtu.be/T26l-TihQTg

Contrary to UU’s successful past productions that inundated audiences with unforgettable audio & visual experiences, this new drama “DANCE with NEW YEAR’s EVE”, reflects special messages. 

On the Lunar New Year’s Eve January 21, 2023, the whole world watched the unfolding of a tragic event in Monterey Park,  California. On that festive new year’s eve right inside a well known venue the STAR BALLROOM DANCE STUDIO a mass shooting occurred in a normally quiet community.  The gun man killed 11 people and injured 9 others.   That mass shooting shocked not only the local Chinese community, but also shocked all the communities through out the USA and beyond.   It left many un-erasable scars.  

This mass shooting also catapulted Monterey Park to the center of national news,  and caught the attention of the President of the United States.  In the immediate aftermath Monterey Park was visited by the Vice President of the United States and many congressional members and by many politicians.  

The community and the nation mourned the tragic deaths and tries to heal.  

Elite Performing Arts Group USA  felt the calling to present a drama production to remember that “DANCE with NEW YEAR’s EVE”, especially meaningful to debut this show on the anniversary date of that event. The goal is to remind and remember the tragic past,  so history will not repeat itself,  and so the community can live in harmony.

Dance with NEW YEAR’s EVE is a 100 minute production .

It is broken down into three segments / movements.  

1st segment is 50 minutes.

It recreates the many happy moments at Star Ballroom Dance Studio,  and showcases its customers love for dance. 

2nd segment is 30 minutes. 

It uses the voices of real witnesses to reiterate that tragic mass shooting event.  Through their own voices and words,  the audience can relive and feel the horrors, tensions, pains, hopeless of those shocking moments.  

The 3rd segment is 20 minutes.   

This last and final segment will be filled with musicals by 108 performers of wide array of ages and multiple ethnics.  Through their musical performances we pray for peace and harmony.  

We hope to use this “DANCE with NEW YEAR’s EVE”,  musical as a platform to let the whole world know that we shall not forget,  to bring a harmonious closing to such a tragic event. For more information please contact 1(626)757-8412   

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