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Noted Acupuncture Researcher – Yadi Alamin – Releases His Much Anticipated New Book “Hacking Acupuncture – Without Needles”

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Noted Acupuncture Researcher – Yadi Alamin – Releases His Much Anticipated New Book “Hacking Acupuncture – Without Needles”

September 19
03:33 2023
Noted Acupuncture Researcher - Yadi Alamin - Releases His Much Anticipated New Book "Hacking Acupuncture - Without Needles"
The author discusses his novel delivery system for acupuncture without breaking the skin, but delivering the same results.

Charlotte, North Carolina – September 18, 2023 – Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine healing therapy that has been in use for over 2,500 years. It has the ability to stimulate healing within the internal structures of the human body by activating the body’s own healing potential. It is safe and has few side effects. Well recognized is the fact that Acupuncture improves the circulation of blood and body fluids. When circulation is optimal, the body is able to heal itself.

Yadi Alamin discovered traditional Asian medicine as a patient. He was 118 pounds and dying quickly when his first acupuncture experience turned his life around. Yadi became well and asked to be a student of his acupuncture doctor. He apprenticed for over a decade with his first teacher, worked for other acupuncture clinics and educators before opening his own practice. Yadi developed a no-needle acupuncture system in 2013 and has spent 10 years perfecting it.

Many people who would benefit from Acupuncture are repelled with the idea of having many needles piercing their skin. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that is what Yadi Alamin’s new book Hacking Acupuncture – Without Needles so adeptly elaborates upon.

Scientific studies confirm that Acupuncture has the ability to:

  • Increase blood flow and fluid metabolism
  • Stimulate production of healing cells
  • Release natural pain killers
  • Reduce the intensity and perception of chronic pain
  • Relax contracted muscles
  • Reduce stress
  • Stimulate organ function
  • and more…

Acupuncture may not be the most popular mode of medical therapy, but it should be. It is minimally invasive, until now. The author proves himself to be a great wordsmith as he is able to captivate the reader’s attention with humor and colorful diagrams for fun while sharing rare concepts.

The use of a minimal electronic pulse will stimulate the same meridians and healing points as does inserting needles, but without the pain of needles. The world renown inventive genius, Nikolai Tesla used currents, while passing through the body to transform electrical energy into a therapeutic heat. In 1891, Tesla passed currents through his own body and was the first to experience their beneficial effects.

During a recent interview, Yadi Alamin, Founder of the Charlotte ACU Bodywork Clinic explained what services his clinic provides, “Holistic, non-invasive therapy for people who want relief from the symptoms of chronic disease. As your body is dealing with inflammation, pain, insomnia, digestive distress, fatigue, neuropathy, high blood pressure, weight gain, premature aging, hormonal changes, diabetes, asthma, autoimmune conditions, emotional depression, and more, you can take a new approach to bring your body and mind into balance. Scalp Massage, Fire Dragon Spine and Back Therapy, Sacred Turtle Abdominal Therapy, Korean Hand Therapy, Sujok Hand-Foot Therapy, Auricular Ear Therapy, Cupping, Tuina Eastern Massage, Range of Motion Body Mechanics, Light Therapy and No-Needle Acupuncture are all included in Sessions for Chronic Conditions.”

Reader Testimonials always tell the story. This is what Barbara Horstmann, a Verified Reader, had to say, “I believe that Yadi wrote this book to inform the general public about an alternative healing method that is based on science and the experience of various ancient practitioners from China and other eastern countries. He takes on this task using his boundless sense of humor and nearly three decades of experience as a patient and practitioner. As I read this book, I felt as if I was taking a very practical science class, a hands-on healing science. For anyone who has never experienced acupuncture without needles, I suggest you give it a try, especially if you haven’t gotten satisfaction from traditional medical treatments.”

For complete information, visit: https://charlotteacubodywork.com/

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