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Signage and Advertisement in Doubled Ways NEWs launch, Zkong Double Screen ESL

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Signage and Advertisement in Doubled Ways NEWs launch, Zkong Double Screen ESL

September 18
22:00 2023

It is reported that over 40% of the global workforce will be mobile and 80% of them work remotely for 3 days per week. And there’s greater needs of dynamic work spaces today, for smart management of rooms and the staff. Facility and expansion teams now face the problem of fast deployment with light cost devices to help with all those requirements. As a leading provider of ESL, Zkong has found a way and stay ahead of the market again when our latest version — Double Screen ESL is launched early this month.

Beautiful appearance

Perfect surface in either matt or glossy, and freely choice of the frame color. Two screens can display tremendous amount of information and looks very nice. No doubt it provides a new option for upgrade the appearance of the offices.

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Rich functions Zkong ESL focuses on the best approaches to digital signage, by avoiding large electric consuming, paper waste, print error, and labor cost. It is so flexible and extendable that can be put in anywhere in the office, for more signage needs. For fixed office area, we can update the right name, job title, and department fast and accurately. Whie for mobile needs, it is so convenient to be taken and placed in anywhere.

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The double screen ESL will be a super star not only for digital signage, but also as a super promotion tool for retail business. So easy to fulfill the requirements of different scenes that at fresh food market, the “Double Screen” can be installed to display two kinds of products, instead of deploy two ESLs.

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Flexible Cloud management For enterprise-level deployment, we have various solutions for different commercial needs. And our professional engineer team will design and plan the most cost-effective solution for the clients. Once the ESL system is set, the magic is happening: By clicks, all the signs are changed within seconds, in right words, graphics, and formats.

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