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SEVB Shines at Munich Auto Show, Setting a Benchmark for Chinese Power Battery Companies Going Global

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SEVB Shines at Munich Auto Show, Setting a Benchmark for Chinese Power Battery Companies Going Global

September 15
23:38 2023
SEVB’s power batteries go global, contributing to carbon neutrality through global deployment.

Recently, SEVB, a globally leading integrated new energy technology company, made a resounding success by showcasing its full range of products and solutions at the Munich Auto Show in Germany, one of the top five automotive exhibitions in the world. At the event, SEVB prominently presented its cutting-edge technological advancements and future directions to global automotive clients. During the exhibition, SEVB established intentions for cooperation with several European automakers, setting a positive example for Chinese new energy companies expanding overseas and contributing to the low-carbon and sustainable development of the global automotive industry.

SEVB Leads the Way, Building Global Influence for Chinese Power Batteries

As one of the most influential events in the automotive industry, each iteration of the Munich Auto Show gathers top automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, and research institutes from around the world.

During the exhibition, SEVB’s booth attracted significant attention from industry experts and consumers alike. From comprehensive power cell solutions to competitively fast-charging batteries, from high-performance solid-state batteries to forward-looking low-temperature sodium-ion batteries, SEVB demonstrated its innovative strength and leading position in the new energy sector. Visitors from around the globe could not only gain a close understanding of SEVB’s latest achievements in energy-saving, environmental protection, and performance enhancement but could also directly experience the improvements these technologies will bring to vehicle performance and user experience after market application.

Concurrently, SEVB also participated in speaking and sharing sessions at the World New Energy Vehicle Congress, where it presented its technological development roadmap and overseas strategic plans. SEVB’s foresight and vision received high recognition from the German Automotive Industry Association and the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, as well as commendation from the Governor of Guangdong Province.

During the exhibition, SEVB also reached multiple cooperation agreements with European automakers. The establishment of these partnerships signifies SEVB’s further expansion into the European market, injecting new vitality into the European new energy vehicle market.

Actively Expanding Overseas to Contribute to Global Low-Carbon Sustainable Development

SEVB and other power battery companies have made a significant impact at the Munich Auto Show, demonstrating the global vision and strategic layout of Chinese new energy vehicle battery enterprises.

As a leading integrated new energy technology company, SEVB is committed to providing competitive, context-specific power battery solutions and energy storage cells, continually contributing to the low-carbon development of the global new energy vehicle market.

To deepen its global strategic layout and better serve international clients, SEVB has invested approximately 1.9 billion RMB in Hungary to construct the first phase of a new energy vehicle power battery factory, primarily focusing on the manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion batteries and power battery systems.

SEVB’s cutting-edge battery technology and products not only meet Europe’s increasingly stringent environmental requirements but also provide European automakers with more efficient, reliable, and safe power battery solutions. Through localized overseas arrangements and close cooperation with European automakers, SEVB will further consolidate its leading position in the global new energy vehicle market, also paving the way for Chinese new energy vehicle battery companies to step onto the world stage.


A spokesperson indicated that SEVB would continue to increase its R&D investment to push for innovation and breakthroughs in new energy technologies. By deepening cooperation with European automakers, SEVB aims to jointly develop new energy vehicle products and solutions that better suit the needs of overseas markets. Additionally, SEVB will actively explore collaborations with European governments, research institutions, and stakeholders in the industrial chain to collectively construct a global green, low-carbon new energy vehicle industry ecosystem, thereby contributing to the low-carbon sustainable development of the European automotive industry and the global green economy.

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