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Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn: Paving the Way for Authentic Allyship and Inclusive Excellence

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Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn: Paving the Way for Authentic Allyship and Inclusive Excellence

September 16
02:51 2023
Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn: Paving the Way for Authentic Allyship and Inclusive Excellence

Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn, an esteemed diversity and inclusion expert, is making waves in the world of intercultural development and leadership. With over 35 years of experience in higher education and a passion for fostering cross-cultural understanding, Dr. Wilburn is a true trailblazer, committed to helping senior leaders and administrators excel in today’s diverse and inclusive world.

Her journey, marked by accolades and achievements, demonstrates a lifelong dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the President and Co-founder of Wilburn & Associates, LLC, Dr. Wilburn has pioneered a multifaceted approach to addressing the complexities of diversity in leadership, one that sets her apart from the competition.

“At the heart of my work is the belief that we must get R.E.A.L. about diversity, equity, and inclusion,” says Dr. Wilburn. “Too often, we see performative actions that don’t lead to meaningful change. My framework empowers individuals to gain the skills necessary to interact authentically with people from diverse backgrounds.”

Dr. Wilburn’s R.E.A.L. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Framework is a powerful acronym that embodies her approach to promoting diversity and inclusion. “R” signifies the importance of Relationships. Real diversity, equity, and inclusion begins with relationships. You need to build heart and soul connections, in order to really embrace diversity. Moving to “E,” it emphasizes the need to continually Educate yourself about diversity by being open and curious. You have to have an ongoing willingness to learn about yourself and others. “A” calls for Authenticity, emphasizing that you need to be true to yourself, without fear of being transparent so you can show people who you really are. Finally, “L” empowers leaders by helping them to understand that diversity is a lifelong process that requires a lifestyle of diversity and social justice that fosters respect for diverse viewpoints, encourages collaborative relationships, while utilizing an equity-lens, ultimately driving meaningful change.

Dr. Wilburn’s approach is unique in that it targets presidents and senior leaders in Christian colleges and universities, a demographic often grappling with the complexities of diversity and inclusion. She also seeks to empower African American women  who seek to move into senior level positions in higher education.Her Afro-centric and faith-inspired perspective offers a fresh lens through which to view these issues.

As an administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), an internationally recognized assessment instrument, Dr. Wilburn helps individuals identify their position on the Intercultural Development Continuum. Following the assessment, she collaborates with them to create personalized action plans for increasing intercultural skills. Her approach transcends surface-level engagement, emphasizing real, tangible growth.

Dr. Wilburn’s work extends beyond assessment and coaching. She provides comprehensive services, including diversity consultation, professional development training, motivational speaking, and cultural events. Her holistic approach ensures that leaders not only understand the importance of diversity but also gain practical skills to implement change.

In her quest to advance social justice across all spectrums of diversity, Dr. Wilburn is on the lookout for collaborators who share her commitment to authenticity and equity. She is particularly interested in working with those who are willing to stretch beyond the status quo.

Five years from now, Dr. Wilburn envisions a global impact, with her framework transforming the way people view diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her legacy is not about wealth but about leaving a lasting impact on individuals, communities, and the world. She hopes to see the fruits of her labor while she is still in the land of the living, fostering environments where everyone can thrive, flourish, and be at peace with one another.

To connect with Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn and learn more about her transformative work, visit www.wilburnassociates.org.

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