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TVC Report: 5 AI Startups To Watch for Q4

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TVC Report: 5 AI Startups To Watch for Q4

September 16
02:15 2023

2023 is a flourishing period where AI startups are reigning supreme in the market. This upward momentum is not halting anytime soon, as these up-and-coming companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation, deliver out-of-the-box solutions, and drive unprecedented transformation in the global business ecosystem.

The rapid rise of AI startups is indicative of the disruptive potential that artificial intelligence holds across various industries. From healthcare and finance to agriculture and education, these solution providers are harnessing AI’s power to redefine traditional processes and address pressing global challenges. 

As AI technologies become increasingly integrated into everyone’s daily lives, these innovative companies are at the forefront of revolutionizing how people work, learn, and live. Today, 10 AI startups are generating buzz, poised to leave an indelible mark in their respective industries for Q4 of 2023:

Coho AI

Coho AI is a product-led revenue platform designed to empower businesses to optimize their user base’s revenue potential. By placing data-driven insights at the core of strategic decision-making, Coho AI equips go-to-market and growth teams with the essential tools for identifying, forecasting, and prioritizing critical conversion opportunities. Their platform facilitates automated customer interactions while delivering real-time visibility into one’s business portfolio.

Leveraging the wealth of data from product usage, intelligent segmentation, and user journeys, Coho AI revolutionizes the way SaaS companies oversee their self-service conversion processes and pipelines, ultimately aiming to maximize revenue generation.


Winn.AI is a cutting-edge real-time AI assistant aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of sales teams by simplifying their processes. This innovative tool incorporates real-time tracking, data capture, and CRM updates to help sales professionals close deals more efficiently. It effectively serves as an additional pair of hands during meetings, allowing salespeople to fully concentrate on engaging with their clients.

For account executives, this translates to more robust and genuine interactions with prospects while reducing the burden of administrative tasks. On the other hand, sales leaders can expect a more motivated sales team, a stronger brand presence, expedited onboarding, and, most importantly, a boost in sales performance.


SoundHound‘s autonomous voice AI platform establishes connections between individuals and brands by offering tailored conversational interactions that enable voice integration into products, services, and applications. Simultaneously, it provides companies with invaluable data and analytics, granting them enhanced control and ownership over the customer experience.

Their overarching vision is to forge a voice AI platform that surpasses human capabilities, delivering value and delight through an expansive ecosystem comprising billions of products enriched by innovative features and monetization prospects.


Abnormal operates as a behavioral AI-based email security platform that learns the behavior of every identity in a cloud email environment and analyzes the risk of each event to effectively block even the most sophisticated attacks. 

The leadership team at Abnormal consists of forward-thinking individuals with extensive expertise in AI and ML, fully committed to providing an outstanding customer journey. Their professional backgrounds encompass significant positions at renowned organizations such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, Proofpoint, Okta, Salesforce, and Slack.


Arize is a machine learning observability platform aimed at unraveling the complexities of AI models. Their solutions provide ML teams with the necessary tools to evaluate model performance in real-world production environments and promptly identify the underlying causes of emerging issues.

Arize allows users to effortlessly discover and diagnose model problems in production, often attributed to problematic data. This valuable insight enables them to enhance performance and achieve superior outcomes through precise fine-tuning.

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