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Cool Embrace delivers a world first in tackling Menopause nighttime hot flushes

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Cool Embrace delivers a world first in tackling Menopause nighttime hot flushes

September 15
22:33 2023

Imagine the luxury of stress-free and sweat-free nights. Steve Rawlings, the inventor of Cool Embrace presents a groundbreaking solution, the world’s first intra-blanket, designed to end sleepless nights plagued by night sweats and clammy discomfort. It’s called an intra-blanket as its most effective when used under a duvet.

The genesis of Cool Embrace was sparked by Rawlings’ desire to assist his wife, who suffered from uncomfortable, sleepless, sweaty nights. His knowledge of specialist textiles stretches back over 50 years, and it’s with this knowledge that he developed the world’s first cooling intra-blanket. Her relief was so profound at finally having a good and uninterrupted night sleep, that she insisted his invention be shared with the world.

Reviews from many people, including world-weary journalists and menopause therapists, confirm the extraordinary effectiveness of Cool Embrace:

  • Sally Garozzo therapist specialising in menopause said, “The minute I laid under it, I felt my body temperature drop.”
  • Eleanor Mills award winning Journalist and founder of Noon.org.uk “This blanket for hot flushes really works in terms of it not getting wet, remaining cool and also stopping the chills. It is an essential part of anyone’s menopause arsenal; I highly recommend it”.

Steve Rawlings the inventor says “Cool Embrace’s secret lies within its five-layer composition, each element working in harmony. Unlike other “cooling blankets” that merely feel cool to the touch for a fleeting moment, Cool Embrace actively maintains a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night and can be used with your duvet.”

Contact: Jo Groves; Brand & Wellness Manager, Cool Embrace, http://www.coolembrace.com [email protected], +44 (0)1952 883949

Cool Embrace is a pioneer redefining sleep comfort. They are a new, family run company based in Shropshire in the U.K. Their innovative British made cooling intra-blanket is the result of one man wanting to help his wife through the turmoil, stresses, and strains of years of interrupted nights in order to deliver uninterrupted restful sleep. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Cool Embrace is set to revolutionise peoples sleep experience.

Uniqueness of Cool Embrace

  • Revolutionary Cooling Technology: Cool Embrace introduces a groundbreaking cooling technology that continuously dissipates heat and moisture away from the sleeper.
  • Stress-Free, Sweat-Free Sleep: With Cool Embrace, say goodbye to stressful, sweat-soaked nights. It effectively prevents the cold, clammy sensation.
  • Full-Night Cooling: Unlike other cooling blankets that lose their effectiveness after a few minutes, Cool Embrace keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your entire night’s sleep.
  • Five-Layer Composition: Cool Embrace boasts a unique five-layer composition, each element working in harmony to ensure your sleep is truly restorative.
  • Quality and Comfort: Cool Embrace prioritises quality and comfort, ensuring you receive the best sleep experience possible.

Media Contact
Company Name: Chemport Ltd T/A Cool Embrace
Contact Person: Jo Groves
Email: Send Email
Phone: 01952 883949
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.coolembrace.com