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ACRE lot, a Maryland based business enters the outdoor home goods market.

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ACRE lot, a Maryland based business enters the outdoor home goods market.

September 15
00:39 2023
Find the solution to burrowing animals with ACRE lot Ultrasonic Mole and Gopher Repellers.

Baltimore, Maryland – September 14th, 2023 – ACRE lot today launched their Mole & Gopher Repellent, a solar-powered device that uses ultra sonic vibrations to safely and effectively rid properties of unwanted pests.

Key Features:

Repels moles, gophers, and other burrowing animals
Solar Powered
Ultrasonic vibration spike with a free installation drill bit auger
Includes Easy Care Grass and Weed Prevention Disks
Available in 5x and 9x packs

About ACRE lot:

We are homeowners just like you. Our Outdoor, Lawn, Garden, and Patio products have been developed and designed with homeowners in mind. Each ACRE lot product is easy to use, practical and ideal for 90% of everyday households. Whether you own a quarter acre, half acre, or more – ACRE lot products will work for you too!

ACRE lot offers the marketplace a premium quality product solution for a very common home and garden frustration and problem – burrowing animals that leave holes and mounds all over your prized lawn. The solution is the Ultrasonic Mole Repeller. Our repeller emits a pulse every thirty seconds that sends out a vibration felt by burrowing animals up to 75 away from the device.

The animals are annoyed by this disturbance and will move on to more peaceful grounds – your neighbors house – except if you also tell them about the ACRE lot Ultrasonic Mole and Gopher Repeller too!

Comes with an instalation auger to create the perfect sized installation hole to insert your device into. Also comes with USPTO filling Easy Care Grass and Weed Prevention Disks that are installed with the device to prevent the grass and weeds and make for easy trimming and mowing.

Order now and “Stake a Reclaim” to your coveted grounds.

For more information, visit acrelotproducts.com.

Available for sale on Amazon.com/dp/B0C5S7HXVZ

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Company Name: ACRE lot
Contact Person: Owner, J. Fitchett
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Country: United States
Website: http://acrelotproducts.com/