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#Worldgoday to raise awareness about gynecologic cancer

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#Worldgoday to raise awareness about gynecologic cancer

September 13
22:54 2023
#Worldgoday to raise awareness about gynecologic cancer
On the 5th World Gynecologic Oncology Day, patient advocates around the globe will unite to raise awareness about the importance of testing for gynecologic cancers and their risk factors. World GO Day is a unique opportunity to educate people worldwide about the importance of sharing information about symptoms, treatment, prevention and, especially, testing.

Czech Republic – Sep 13, 2023 –  GO for Testing. GO for Prevention. GO for the Right Treatment. World GO Day 2023 is here! This year’s campaign focuses on two types of testing:

1. Genetic testing, and 2. HPV testing

Genetic testing can be very useful for risk assessment of developing certain types of cancer and making the right treatment decisions. Most gynecological cancers arise randomly and are not hereditary. However, certain ones are caused by errors in genetic material which may run in the family. Therefore, some gene mutations increase the risk of developing cancer. “Genetic testing has traditionally been offered to individuals with a strong family history of cancer. But using family history alone may miss identifying several gene carriers. This is the main reason why all women with gynecological cancers should now be offered genetic testing,” said Nicole Concin, President of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO).

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. And, perhaps surprisingly to some, HPV is responsible for a considerable number of genital cancers. Certain types of HPV are a major cause of cervical cancer. Knowing more about HPV is essential for all of us, and HPV testing gives us an opportunity to prevent cancer. “Because the infection of HPV normally has no symptoms, without periodic testing these transforming infections cannot be detected and may eventually lead to cancer,” Concin added.

The aim of the 5th World GO Day is to draw attention to genetic and HPV testing. In addition, World GO Day promotes being attentive to overall health in combination with a healthy lifestyle, since these are key prevention strategies against gynecological cancers.

In 2023, World GO Day will open discussions about all five types of gynecological cancers: cervical, ovarian, uterine (endometrial), vulvar and vaginal. In connection with these, we’ll also focus on 5 basic tips for an active, happy, healthy life: the aforementioned importance of genetic and HPV testing, mental health, regular physical activities, and healthy food. World GO Day organizers are also preparing new physical activities to observe the awareness day this year. As in past years, there will be plenty of outdoor activities and also an indoor activity, inspired by taste, to promote healthy food. “The goal of our new activity is simple: to inspire and motivate women all around the world to improve their daily menu by incorporating healthy food in it. And sharing their recipes and tips to each other. Food is an important addition to regular physical activity like Nordic walking, light jogging, swimming, cycling—whatever—that everybody enjoys!” Concin said.


Since 2019, over 80 organizations from 34 countries have engaged in more than 130 activities to raise awareness about cervical, ovarian, endometrial, and rare gynecologic cancers. World GO Day aims to support women fighting these diseases and educate about the importance of prevention and right treatment.

On September 20, thousands of patients and patient advocates will come together to support the World GO Day goal: raising awareness about a group of gynecological cancers that more than one million women are diagnosed with each year. Everyone can get involved!

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