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Kolibri Mall Redefines E-Commerce with Transparency and Innovation

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Kolibri Mall Redefines E-Commerce with Transparency and Innovation

September 13
17:12 2023

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge of innovation. Against this backdrop of dynamic growth, Kolibri Mall, the world’s first visionary e-commerce platform, has made its official entry into the Malaysian market, quickly garnering the attention of industry players and a vast consumer base.

Kolibri Mall stands out with its unique business model and innovative brand promotion strategy. To enhance its global image and appeal, Kolibri Mall collaborated with numerous renowned internet personalities and launched prominent brand advertisements in the bustling Times Square of New York. This strategic move not only underscores Kolibri Mall’s international perspective but also attracted a substantial influx of new users to the platform, thus catalyzing the growth of the entire e-commerce industry.

In a move to gain the trust of consumers on this novel platform, Kolibri Mall has decided to unveil its revenue model. In simple terms, for each transaction, the platform will deduct a 20% commission from the total amount. This commission isn’t solely driven by commercial profit motives; it is also allocated in part to reward loyal users. For instance, Kolibri Mall will use these funds periodically to offer various benefits to consumers, ensuring the platform’s robust operation and delivering tangible value to its users. 

At Kolibri Mall, users can utilize the platform’s unique shopping credits called ‘K-credit‘ to purchase items or redeem other benefits. For a real-world scenario, if an item is priced at RM10, after adding Kolibri Mall’s 20% service fee, the final selling price will be RM12. The participation fee for each activity is 2 K-credit, and to make a wish, one needs to accumulate 12 K-credit, which is the cost of participating in 6 activities. This cost can be collectively covered by multiple users to make a wish. The system will randomly select one lucky user from these participants, and the chosen lucky user will have exclusive access to the item, while other users will receive corresponding points.

What does this innovative design signify? Firstly, it enhances transparency and trust between the platform and consumers. Secondly, by sharing profits with users, Kolibri Mall also encourages active engagement and loyalty among its user base.

Beyond the transparent revenue model, Kolibri Mall has also introduced the “Wish Pool Campaign” feature, aimed at encouraging consumers to share and interact on the platform. This makes shopping a more social experience, where users can invite friends to browse and select products together and share their shopping insights within the community. The primary goal of introducing this feature is to foster interaction among users while leveraging the influence of social networks to boost the platform’s visibility and user engagement. By pooling purchases, it also reduces individual shopping costs while increasing sales for merchants.

The emergence of Kolibri Mall has undeniably breathed new life into the e-commerce industry. With its transparent revenue model, innovative feature designs, and close interaction with consumers, these advancements have brought about a refreshing shopping experience. In summary, Kolibri Mall is leading the e-commerce industry into a new era. In this fast-paced age of change, they have also made it more convenient for users by offering the Kolibri Mall app, which can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app allows consumers to enjoy exciting products and special promotions anytime and anywhere.

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