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Deluxe Business Solution Launches Hong Kong Limited Company Formation Services

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Deluxe Business Solution Launches Hong Kong Limited Company Formation Services

September 13
06:36 2023
Hong Kong’s corporate profits tax rates make it an ideal destination for business expansion.

Hong Kong’s corporate tax rates have long been a magnet for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking an advantageous tax environment. Deluxe Business Solution, a trusted company service provider based in Hong Kong since 2014, is delighted to launch its services to help SMEs create a Hong Kong Limited Company company to take advantage of Hong Kong’s competitive corporate profits tax rates.

In Hong Kong, businesses enjoy an incredibly low corporate profits tax rate of 8.25% for the first 2 million in profits, with a modest 16.5% tax rate applied to any amount exceeding 2 million (data source).

The enticing tax framework in Hong Kong makes it an attractive option for SMEs seeking to establish a presence in the heart of Asia’s financial center. Distinguishing itself from numerous other regions, Hong Kong refrains from imposing Value-Added Tax (VAT), providing businesses with even greater financial relief.

This strategic location offers businesses a gateway to tap into the enormous potential of the Chinese economy. Deluxe Business Solution specializes in assisting foreign businesses in establishing their companies in Hong Kong.

Their comprehensive services include company registration, marketing promotion, and visa applications. With a track record of supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs every year, Deluxe Business Solution is a reliable partner for those looking to seize opportunities in Hong Kong.

Deluxe Business Solution streamlines the company registration process, ensuring swift and efficient establishment of limited companies in Hong Kong. Their expertise in navigating local regulations simplifies the often complex administrative tasks.

Recognizing the importance of visibility in today’s competitive business landscape, Deluxe Business Solution assists clients with effective marketing strategies and promotional activities to help them gain a strong foothold in the Hong Kong market.

For international entrepreneurs and businesses, navigating the visa application process can be daunting. Deluxe Business Solution offers invaluable support and guidance to facilitate visa applications, ensuring a smooth transition for foreign nationals looking to operate in Hong Kong.

“Setting up a company in Hong Kong offers a double advantage: No Value-Added Tax in Hong Kong and an open door to the vast Chinese market, making it a strategic choice for global businesses,” stated Roy Lam from Deluxe Business Solution.

To learn more, visit: https://setuphk.com/en/establish-hong-kong-company/ or contact Roy Lam at [email protected]

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