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Lost Marble Unveils Moho 14: The Ultimate Animation Software Upgrade for Professionals and Animators

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Lost Marble Unveils Moho 14: The Ultimate Animation Software Upgrade for Professionals and Animators

September 13
09:15 2023

SCOTTS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA – September 12, 2023 – Lost Marble LLC proudly announces its first major release of Moho 14 since its acquisition of the product in late 2020. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, Lost Marble has meticulously transformed Moho 14 into the ultimate animation software, catering to the needs of professionals, animators, and studios alike.

The focal point of Moho 14’s development has been an extensive revamp of their rigging and traditional animation tools, performance improvements thanks to a totally new graphics engine and new unique ways to create 2D animation. All this is aimed at enhancing the creative workflow with advanced technology designed for 2D animation. This release is fueled by user feedback and industry insights, and driven by a determination to provide animators with unparalleled tools to bring their 2D visions to life in a quicker and simpler way.

Key Highlights of Moho 14:

– Most Powerful 2D Rigging System: Moho 14 introduces an intuitive and fast rigging system, enabling users to create skeletons for characters and objects effortlessly. Rigging tools include forward and inverse kinematics, pin bones, constraints, automatic squash and stretch, and seamless animation transfer.

– Revolutionary Smart Bones: Smart Bones revolutionize character behavior, allowing joints to bend without distortion. They can also be used as control levers for facial expressions, rotations, and body movements.

– Introducing Liquid Shapes:  Animating Fire, Smoke, Explosions and Water is easier than ever. Liquid Shapes are a unique way to draw and animate soft shapes. Combine, Subtract, Intersect, Blend and animate shapes to create impressive elemental animation.

– Drawing Tools Optimized for Animation: Moho’s vector system, optimized for animation and rigging, ensures consistent shapes during movement. Artists can draw directly in the software and apply brushes and effects for natural results.

– New Graphics Engine: Moho 14’s new graphics engine enhances performance and real-time rendering of effects, gradients, and blending modes, providing a preview close to the final render.

– Improved Frame-by-Frame Tools: With the new graphics engine, drawing tools like Freehand, Blob Brush, and Eraser are responsive and intuitive, allowing for more creative freedom.

*”Moho 14 marks a significant leap forward in animation software,”* says Victor Paredes, President of Lost Marble. *”We’ve combined innovation and user feedback to create an unparalleled tool that empowers artists to bring their ideas to life.”*

Check out the Moho 14 promotional video here.

Moho Pro 14 is available for $399.99, and Moho Debut 14 for aspiring animators is $59.99. Detailed product, pricing and upgrade information is available here.

For more information, media inquiries, or to request a demo, please contact:

Victor Paredes

[email protected]

About Lost Marble LLC:

Lost Marble is a leading software development company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the animation industry. With a focus on user-centric design and cutting-edge technology in its core product Moho, Lost Marble continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in animation software.

[Media Kit – https://bit.ly/MOHO-14-Media-Assets]

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