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Spousal Support Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Delivers Insightful Article on New York Spousal Support Laws

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Spousal Support Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Delivers Insightful Article on New York Spousal Support Laws

September 13
05:00 2023
Spousal Support Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Delivers Insightful Article on New York Spousal Support Laws

Richard Roman Shum, a distinguished spousal support lawyer, has unveiled a comprehensive article exploring the complexities of spousal support and alimony in New York. The article provides a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the intricacies of New York State’s unique family law provisions.

Spousal support lawyer Richard Roman Shum, a respected figure in the legal community, has taken his extensive knowledge of family law and distilled it into an article that addresses the concerns and questions of those facing divorce proceedings. Shum’s article offers an in-depth exploration of the various types of spousal support, how they are determined, and the factors that influence these decisions, such as income and standard of living.

“Understanding the nuances of New York’s spousal support and alimony laws can be daunting for many,” says spousal support lawyer Richard Roman Shum. “Our goal with this article is to provide a clear, straightforward resource that demystifies these concepts and helps individuals navigate what can be a challenging time in their lives.”

In the article, Shum delves into the distinctions between terms like alimony, spousal support, and spousal maintenance under New York law. He explains how these payments are calculated and what factors the family court considers in its decisions. He also clarifies the meaning of the state-specific terms ‘durational’ and ‘non-durational’ spousal support, as well as ‘reimbursement’ and ‘rehabilitative’ support.

As Shum mentions in the article, “While spousal support is commonly imposed through a court order, spouses who can work together in negotiating the terms of their divorce can also set the conditions under which spouse would provide the support and by how much.”

He further explains, “Changes in circumstances, such as remarriage, can influence the duration and amount of alimony payments. Additionally, considerations such as child custody can also have an impact on the determination of spousal maintenance.”

This article is a testament to Shum’s commitment to empowering clients with knowledge and providing them with the resources necessary to make informed decisions. It is a reflection of the quality of the services offered at The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum, where every client’s situation is given individual attention and care by a team of experienced attorneys.

The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum encourages anyone seeking to understand spousal support and maintenance in New York to read the article and reach out if they have further queries. They have reiterated their commitment to providing the highest quality legal assistance, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need during such critical times.

About The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum:

Founded by Richard Roman Shum, an esteemed attorney at law, The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is a top-rated law firm based in Manhattan, New York City. The firm is dedicated to providing skilled representation in matters of spousal support and maintenance, along with a broad range of divorce and family law services. The team of lawyers at the firm are committed to offering quality legal services and ensuring their clients’ best interests are represented in all matters.



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