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ORB Roofing Solutions Shares Best Practices for Storm Readiness in Florida

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ORB Roofing Solutions Shares Best Practices for Storm Readiness in Florida

September 12
10:03 2023
Ensuring Floridians hurricane-proof their roofs.

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and storms. The state is prone to hurricane-related risks like torrential rain, debris, extreme winds, and storms, which compromise the integrity of roofs. Yet still, many people are caught unprepared, leading to devastating damages. To minimize the impact of the hurricane season, roof preparation is greatly encouraged throughout the state. ORB Roofing Solutions, a premier roofing company in Fort Myers, shares that hurricane readiness minimizes the cost of repair and damages. As the trusted roofing company in SW Florida, ORB Roofing Solutions shares the essential practices for hurricane-proof roofs.

According to the local commercial and residential roofing company, the growing severity of storms and hurricanes in Florida demands that Floridians become more proactive in protecting their homes and contents. After all, getting the home storm-ready is much easier than incurring the damages. With a comprehensive insights guide, ORB Roofing Solutions walks people through roof repair, roof installation, vulnerabilities to look out for, and proactive measures to safeguard their roofs and homes during hurricane season. It is also a matter of safety.

Start roof inspections early.

The most essential step is to check on the roof before storm season begins. Understanding the roof’s condition and materials is the first defense in exposing vulnerabilities. Since there’s much more to the inspection than just checking for leaks, it is important to work with professional roofing experts who can conduct thorough inspections and maintenance. A professional will inspect for any weak points, signs of wear and tear, the connection between the roof and the walls, and more to ensure the roof is strong and secure to withstand the harsh hurricane season.

Repair and Replace

Inspections reveal whether the roof needs repairs or replacement. As soon as vulnerabilities are identified, it is important to take action to avoid exacerbating them. Replacing rather than patching it up at the end of its lifespan is more cost-effective for severely damaged roofs.

As part of the repair and replacement process, ORB Roofing Solutions advocates for advanced roofing techniques, like using impact-resistant materials, to reduce the risk of structural damage during hurricanes.

Invest in regular maintenance.

While maintaining roofs during hurricane season is a matter of safety and damage mitigation, investing in regular roof maintenance is more prudent. This helps identify any installation issues and vulnerabilities before they become a problem. Regular maintenance also helps keep debris from gutters to avoid clogging and ensure the roof is free from overhanging branches and other unwanted objects.

Known for quality and remembered for its cutting-edge approach to roof repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation services, ORB Roofing Solutions is committed to offering Floridians exceptional service. 

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