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The Tan Fan Sleep Sac Is The Secret For Clean Sheets While Self-Tanning For Over Ten Million Girls

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The Tan Fan Sleep Sac Is The Secret For Clean Sheets While Self-Tanning For Over Ten Million Girls

May 26
22:21 2023
The genius Tan Fan Sleep Sac has been shared more than ten million times on social media since it’s launch and then selling out in just three days! The Patent designed buttery soft sleep sac ensures self-tanner stays on the body allowing for a full bronze soak, while leaving your sheets pristine.

Anyone who self-tans knows the struggles of keeping the tanner on without transferring to white sheets. It seems unavoidable as one slides into bed for a full bronzing glow, that in the morning they have the inevitable transfer and orange stains plus a streaky, patchy tan as their body rubs against comforters and bedding. Well not anymore! 

This is such a common issue that when Tan Fan released its genius solution, it sold out in just three days. Now a staple for so many girls around the world, this sleep sac will change the way people tan. 

The Benefits of the Tan Fan Sleep Sac 

The Tan Fan Sleep Sac is a Tik Tok sensation and a firm favorite self-tanning tool. Available in Pale Pink or French Navy, this luxury sheet protector keeps tanner from transferring from one’s skin to their sheet. The vegan silky proprietary polyester not only protects sheets but also keeps the self-tanner from streaking on the skin during the night. 

The Tan Fan Sleep Sac is machine washable and protects sheets and pillows for a restful night’s sleep without a mess. Stars like Madison LeCroy swear by it, comparing it to a silky sleeping bag that goes right on the bed to save expensive sheets. The sensational product is all over Tik Tok as influencers share their positive tanning experiences using the Tan Fan Sleep Sac

It isn’t just for sleeping, either. Lounging on the couch or sitting on a chair, or even on the floor while waiting for the tanner to finish setting.  

“I’ve ruined so many sheets with self-tanning. But with the Sleep Sac, I can FINALLY sleep comfy and cozy… and not ruin my sheets. I absolutely love it!!! Thinking about getting one for my sister & bestie 10/10 recommend!” One of the ten million shares on TikTok says.  

Another adds, “I have white sheets and hated worrying about staining them! The Sleep Sac is amazing!! It’s so soft and silky. So happy I found this product!” 


Easy to wash, easy to transport, and relaxing to sleep in, the Tan Fan Sleep Sac is a necessity for any self-tanner to ensure no mess and a perfect tan. This great tool can be purchased either through the Tan Fan site or on Amazon, where hundreds of users have left glowing five-star reviews for their favorite tanning products.  

“I have been an avid self-tanner for years and hate trying to lay out my towels or wear pajamas (and socks!! ewww) to keep my sheets clean. Then I saw this on TikTok and could not click to buy fast enough. Soft silky, and not sticky – a dream to sleep in, and mostly – it is hassle-free and mess-free, leaving me glowing and my sheets pristine. Thank you, Tan Fan!”

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