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OneDeck provides easy automated solutions to managerial business problems.

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OneDeck provides easy automated solutions to managerial business problems.

April 01
14:27 2023
OneDeck is an easy-access business management system, providing many multipurpose tools for all business-related dilemmas.

OneDeck is an all-encompassing business management platform that aims to relieve businesses from the burden of organizational and managerial tasks.

About the Company

OneDeck is a business administration and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps companies manage figures, customer information, and activity to analyze data better. It aims to ease the brunt of administrative tasks and coordination by offering all-purpose tools, acting as the perfect business management system.

Speaking to a company representative, “Businesses require multi-level management and organization to keep them running like a well-oiled machine. Often that’s difficult to manage, particularly for a smaller business that is just starting and already has less staff. Our aim with creating OneDeck was to help businesses simplify and unify all their data in one place for easier management and access. With OneDeck, visualizing every process step from leads and budgets to billing and revenue is made infinitely easier.”

Various Business Organization Tools

OneDeck offers a wide array of services that aid in project management. They provide the option for smart boards with customizable features and a user-friendly interface. Boards are an excellent method to increase inclusive and collaborative effort amongst all business members, allowing for effective, time- and cost-effective communication.

For greater understanding and judgment, the company offers multiple views to oversee data ranging from List to Kanban, Calender, or Timeline. Furthermore, their Overviews feature allows a collective review and outline of all the client’s data in one location for easier comprehension and sales management. To increase efficiency and time, users can opt for their Automate mode, which allows them to set up daily business workflows, reducing the need for redundant and time-consuming effort.

OneDeck’s Document builder helps customers create, publish and share smart pdf documents without requiring third-party apps. They allow a convenient resource for creating documents such as quotes, invoices, and contracts, to name a few.

Multiple Price Points, Including Free Services

The company offers basic services such as all Views, Boards, Records, Fields, one monthly activity log, and one GB of storage, free of cost. They provide progressively comprehensive plans for more options, including Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, with the former being $8 seat/month and $16 seat/month, respectively.


Instead of managing a series of apps or sites, OneDeck combines all business tools into one resourceful website. The company integrates seamlessly with over a thousand apps, including Gmail, Google Drive, Jira, DropBox, and more. They offer 24/7 customer support services and full assistance at any moment.

Due to their convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable services, OneDeck boasts overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, with customers praising their customizable features and analytical tools.

For further queries, please get in touch with the company via the information listed below.

Media Contact
Company Name: OneDeck
Contact Person: Koren
Email: Send Email
Phone: +972529409940
Country: Israel
Website: http://www.onedeck.com