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Xie Zhi Xing Creates a Sharing Economy Model within its Business Ecosystem

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Xie Zhi Xing Creates a Sharing Economy Model within its Business Ecosystem

March 29
19:56 2023

According to a report from Tech Media Network, Jack Ma once said, “Many traditional retail industries have been greatly impacted by e-commerce or the internet. I personally think it’s because they didn’t grasp future technologies, they didn’t look forward, and only focused on the past.

Under the guidance of China’s socialist market economy system, the country has achieved economic takeoff in just over 30 years. In the 21st century, widespread internet access has led to the prosperity of e-commerce, and as payment methods have become increasingly diverse, e-commerce big data has emerged as a new force in China’s economy, with online shopping becoming a part of our daily lives.

For a long time, we have taken for granted that consumption is about spending money. But have we ever thought about where the more than 20 trillion yuan spent by the nation’s people goes each year?

Shared Big Data

By promoting efficient collaboration and industry segmentation, society’s various resources can be optimized to bring the whole society into a cycle of value creation and absorption. The Internet of Things (IoT) will lead to explosive growth in social wealth. Celebrities, writers, directors, and well-known hosts, for example, help channel social resources to where they are most needed. Owners or controllers of major platforms, such as Jack Ma, Pony Ma, Robin Li, Warren Buffett, and Masayoshi Son, contribute to the explosive growth of social wealth.

Traditional distribution models will shift to a product design model based on consumer ideas.

The rise of a large number of freelancers: The organizational structure of Chinese society is transforming from companies + employees to platforms + individuals.

The “Xie Zhi Xing” new business model:

Develop a “strong electromechanical” new model. Currently, there is no strong brand in the electromechanical field, which presents an opportunity for us. By leveraging the advantages of the “Xie Zhi Xing Alliance,” the “Xie Zhi Xing” platform will focus on the electromechanical field to achieve a model of inheritance and innovation. Relying on Sichuan, we will radiate the southwest region and create a nationwide impact through strong regional brand building, ultimately achieving online and offline integration.

Create a “Xie Zhi Xing Agriculture” new model. By relying on the “Xie Zhi Xing Alliance” advantage, the “Xie Zhi Xing” platform will insist on social participation and overall linkage in the agricultural field. Optimal points and ranges for input usage time, scope, and frequency can be found, and obtaining this information will promote precise utilization of agricultural resources. Develop an IoT-based, cross-regional, and accessible agricultural model. At the same time, we will leverage relevant policies to seize opportunities in the new agricultural field, taking advantage of government policy guidance to achieve more with less effort. We will establish a foothold in the traditional agricultural market using the new retail concept.

“Xie Zhi Xing Entrepreneurship” as a maker, gaining access to shared big data and IoT support: Big data resources will accumulate a large amount of merchant and consumer data, which will have a significant positive impact on merchant operations and marketing promotions. As data accumulates, big data will become the platform’s core resource in the future, and partners can obtain corresponding potential benefits. Enjoy IoT support: Merchants can also obtain a share of advertising revenue generated by promoting and advertising on the Xie Zhi Xing platform.

Xie Zhi Xing is an internet-based, one-stop sharing entrepreneurship cloud platform that focuses on consumers and physical businesses, deeply researching the sharing model of e-commerce combined with physical businesses and manufacturers, and providing online and offline big data services.

Product sharing is people-oriented, with consumption value-added; business-oriented, with sales doubling; warehouse sharing, which will be China’s more robust commodity logistics information center in the future; maker-first promotion, Xie Zhi Xing will build several county and city-level distribution outlets nationwide, gathering millions of members, millions of consumers, and retail terminals as carriers. The model will shift from traditional production-to-sales to a new internet-based order-to-production economy. The Xie Zhi Xing platform will help physical manufacturers reduce inventory, set production based on sales, transform and upgrade, and boost the real economy.

“Xie Zhi Xing” business model analysis:

For consumers: Xie Zhi Xing intelligently recommends quality products nearby and offers two delivery methods: in-store pickup and merchant delivery. At the same time, after consumers make a purchase or share a product, Xie Zhi Xing will reward them with a portion of the transaction, stimulating consumer enthusiasm for spending and sharing.

For merchants: Physical businesses can join Xie Zhi Xing for free after approval, and Xie Zhi Xing helps businesses break through the limitations of time and space for operation, achieving 24-hour business, online customer expansion, intelligent management of store products and customer flow data, and cross-industry revenue.

For partners: The Xie Zhi Xing Alliance recruits partners in every province, city, and county. Partners use their resources and connections to help Xie Zhi Xing integrate more offline business resources.

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