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The Man Behind the Pokimane Musical: Marcus Owen Bell aka Calmsurble

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The Man Behind the Pokimane Musical: Marcus Owen Bell aka Calmsurble

June 27
23:00 2022

During the Spring of 2021, a video of a live stream went semi-viral among avid Twitch viewers, first gaining attention on Reddit under r/LiveStreamFails. The video depicted a mixed reality musical in which two famous female streamers – Pokimane and Valkyrae – take center stage. 

So far, the video by Calmsurble has garnered thousands of views on Youtube and propelled Calmsurble’s notoriety, with viewers sharing their positive feedback on the streamer’s impressive mixed reality musical.

The person responsible for this genius piece – which uses 3D animation, original music, and improv – is Marcus Owen Bell.

This is Marcus Owen Bell The Artist Behind the Pokimane Musical

Marcus Owen Bell is the name behind the social media persona Calmsurble, a mixed reality artist with heaps of talent that has been showcasing these talents live on Twitch and releasing some of these clips on YouTube. Bell is a classically trained musician and actor and has combined this classical training with a more relatable urban vernacular, to create a captivating video: The Pokimane Musical.

The Pokimane Musical, which threw Calmsurble into the spotlight — even earning him a reaction from popular Youtuber and respected streamer XQC — puts Bell’s creativity, skill, and wit on display.

The creator is responsible for every aspect of the video, managing every component in real-time while featuring in the musical. Essentially, Bell is the production and talent of his videos, which have no room for error because they’re live-streamed.

Kabuki Theater: The Pokimane Musical

With thousands of subscribers on his YouTube Channel, Calmsurble presents his artistic talents in the form of Kabuki theater. Traditionally, Kabuki theater refers to the Japanese tradition of a male portraying a female character on stage. Calmsurble adopted ideas from this tradition and created The Pokimane Musical, which is an incredible display of animation combined with augmented reality technology. 

While the video itself is impressive enough, it should be mentioned that this was recorded as a live performance! While his YouTube channel hosts video uploads, anyone can catch his artistic talent live on his Twitch channel. Tune in for a chance to be taken to another world— to find consideration of things from a renewed perspective and experiencing a form of artistic connection and entertainment people might have never thought possible! 

The Creation of Calmsurble’s Live Pokimane Musical

Without the context of the effort and skill it takes to execute this mixed reality parody, some viewers may not understand the musical. These viewers aren’t necessarily Bell’s audience. Instead, for those who enjoy strides in mixed reality and have an understanding of the streaming landscape – and there are millions of such viewers – Bell’s videos are comedic and visual genius.

Bell’s videos can best be described as modern-day absurdism, much in the vein of other reality-escaping, mind-bending shows – like Monty Python or Wonder Showzen. But unlike these shows, Calmsurbles shows aren’t prerecorded but streamed live to his audience. The artist later releases a recorded playback on his YouTube channel.

To perfect the live performance, Bell creates a 3D world which he later blue screens himself into giving the effect that he is inside this otherworldly place. The show then becomes interactive, with Kabuki-style Pokimane and Valkyrae making appearances, and interacting with other characters within the 3D world and Calmsurble. Of course, this is a brief description that doesn’t do the painstaking process of creating the video justice.

This is What to Expect in the Future From Calmsurble

As mixed reality gains traction and advances, artists like Calmsurble will be leading these spaces, taking their audiences on an otherwordly adventure.

But, for the time being, Calmsurble is exploring the bounds of Twitch, offering viewers unique, topical content that matters to them while becoming a much-needed escape from life’s devastating reality. And that’s what is inside the mixed reality entertainment of Calmsurble: a bit of comedic escapism, with catchy tunes to boot! And his new album on Spotify King Walk by Marcus Bell!

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